The Project Zomboid Helicopter Event – Survival Guide

This is a post to help players understand the Helicopter in Project Zomboid and what you should do if you come across this event. Specifically, the Project Zomboid Helicopter event is a part of the meta-game and can only be heard overhead. If you are looking for the Helicopter vehicle which is a part of the Popular Mod Hydrocraft please click here.

What is the Project Zomboid Helicopter Event?

The Helicopter event in Project Zomboid is an event that generally happens at a fixed point during your game. To see at what point the helicopter event will happen in your game you will have to change your settings at the start of the game. The heading in the settings for the helicopter in-game event should be under ‘Metagame’ settings column. The helicopter cannot be seen during this in-game event but the helicopter will attract large amounts of zombies. You can hear the sound of the rotors moving and if the player is seen by the helicopter it will follow the player around, thus bringing large amounts of zombies towards the player.

If the helicopter flies past the player and does not see them the first time, it may make a second pass and see them.

A Project Zomboid Character Foraging in Build 41
Foraging in Project Zomboid

What should I do if I hear the helicopter?

If you are playing the game and happen to here the helicopter come near it is recommended that you leave the area that your established base is it. The helicopter will bring large swarms of zombies towards you, so it is best practice to leave any base of sorts and move to a less populated area. One reddit user made a post asking what to do when the helicopter event takes place in Project Zomboid. They recount how they deal with the situation with a friend in multiplayer and ask for advice for the next time it happens. Some of the replies to the post include some very good tips including one user, (who has since deleted their reddit account) replying:

“So far I’ve found that the best way to deal with the helicopter is to just book it far away, preferably to a large open field somewhat distant from any houses. You’ll only get a minor amount of zeds there and as long as you sneak and stab any that come near, the majority should just pass by. Staying in your primary safehouse is probably the worst thing you can do.”

Another reply to the reddit thread made by a user named Stabby66 continues the point made by the last and includes:

Run. immediately when you hear the helicopter. Before the helicopter comes, pack a bug out bag with a couple days of food and water, some extra tools and weapons, definitely some vitamins to fight off sleepiness, and anything else you think might be useful. You can always try to go back to your safehouse later but when it comes it’s best to just plan on starting over in a new area

Best Advice: Keep Moving!

Whatever advice seems to come there is one thing that the all have in common. If you have the Project Zomboid helicopter event happen to you do not stay at your base. It is best to pack a bag with plenty of supplies you may need and clothes and set off for a little camping trip. The helicopter event in Project Zomboid does not generally last very long.

Escaping from the helicopter event in Project Zomboid in a vehicle
The most ideal situation for the helicopter event would be to have a vehicle full of fuel

As long as you are prepared to make a trip for a few days the helicopter should not be too much of a problem. Keep a backpack with food and water to last a few days. In the best case, have a vehicle waiting to drive to a new area. The helicopter will follow you around on the map regardless of the pace you set. There isn’t a car that can outrun the helicopter in Project Zomboid as it isn’t a physical vehicle, just a sound which attracts the enemies.

Even if you go to an isolated part of the map you will not be safe. The helicopter will find you and when it does, it will also bring a horde along with it!

Where should I escape to on the Project Zomboid map?

Project Zomboid has a very large map. Set Ready Games has made an article detailing the map of Project Zomboid which can be found here. This guide should help you figure out some less densely populated areas that you can escape the Helicopter in Project Zomboid. Maybe you will even find your next base location!

If you have a well fortified position in the game nothing will be able to get to you. Even if the helicopter flies overhead there are some great places to hold up if you just want to wait it out. Check out this post where i talk about my favorite base locations across the entire Project Zomboid map!


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