How to Teleport/Portal Metals in Valheim

Over the first 4 weeks of Valheim the game has already reached some great milestones. From a development team of 5 people it has been incredible to see this game sell over 4 million copies in it’s first month of early access. Players are absolutely loving the game. Although the game has so many great things going for it there are some things about the game that players don’t like. Queue: “An item prevents you from teleporting.”

An item prevents you from teleporting in valheim fix
Trying to go through a portal with metal in your inventory will result in this message

One of the things many players don’t like is the balancing decision that Iron Gate Studio decided with in terms of metals. For those unaware, metal ore and processed metals cannot be brought through portals, the games fast travel system. While this is intentional as the team wanted players to earn the resource through their journey and exploration some players are struggling to understand the necessity here. Luckily we are here with a fix and a couple of different ways you can teleport metals and ore without a portal.

Method 1: Moving Between Worlds to Teleport Metal

The first method of teleporting metal and other metal ores is to change worlds. When you log out of your world and enter a new world with the same character all of your inventory stays the same. Every item you have within your inventory and equipped will still be on your character when you log out and go to a different world. You can use this information to teleport metal around your primary world if you would like to teleport metal through a portal.

Creating a second world for teleporting metal

By logging out and going to the main menu you can create a new world for your player to go into. When you log back into a world you will spawn in the same location as where you logged out. Using this method you can log out of your main world, go to the new world and place your metals in a box. Now, return to the primary world and go through the portal. Now when you log out you should be on the other side of the portal. Collect your metals again, log out and return back to have all of your metals on the other side of the portal.

Although this is the most time-consuming way of getting your metals to the other side of the portal, you won’t have to cheat at all. I will do a step-by-step write-up below for those who still aren’t sure.

Step 1: Log out of your main game with the metals in your inventory.

An item prevents you from teleporting. Log out to go to new world

Step 2: Log into the world you created just for storing metal

Creating a new world in Valheim because of not being able to bring metal through teleporter

Step 3: Build a chest and store the metals inside

leaving metals in chest in another Valheim world as they cannot go through the teleporter portal

Step 4: Log out of this world and back into your original world without the metal

travelling through a portal without metal in valheim
No metals left in this inventory

Step 5: Move through the portal, log out of the world and go back to the world with the metals

Other side of the portal with metals
Successfully made it through the other side… now to get the metals

Step 6: Collect the metals into your inventory then log back into the original world

Teleporting metal to the smelter in Valheim
The metal is now on the other side of the teleporter

Congratulations! You’ve managed to bring metal to the other side of the teleporter. No more ‘An item prevents you from teleporting.’

Whilst using this method is considered an exploit it will be a way to get your metals safe and sound back at home. If you feel like this method is too long check out the next method which involves teleporting using a cheat command.

Method 2: Teleporting Using Cheat Commands

In Valheim there is a range of different commands you can use in the game. Whilst this is technically considered cheating, I won’t be one to get upset at you or how you enjoy a game with your friends. Whilst I personally love the challenge that comes along with bringing a large haul of metal back to base I understand that some players don’t enjoy the grind and time that they waste doing these things, let alone the dangers that may be present to make you lose your supply of metal.

Using the teleport command will teleport the player and their entire inventory to a specific position on the map. To teleport, you will have to first figure out the coordinates of the location that you’d like to teleport to. Read this full guide on how to teleport and find out your coordinates that I wrote for the site last week.

Once you’ve got the information on how to teleport and find out your coordinates in the game, head to the side of the teleporter you want to end up on. This could be the location of the teleporter within your base. Open up the console and with cheats enabled type the command ‘pos’. This will tell you the position your character is currently in.

using the pos command in Valheim you can get the x and y coordinates of your player
Using the command pos you can get the current position of your player

You can now go back through the portal and make a sign attached to the other side. You can write down the coordinates to the destination portal, that way you’re almost using a portal legally within the game’s boundaries. Craft a sign, place it on the portal and put in the position coordinates for the other side.

The coordinates for the destination portal can be written on a sign and stuck onto the portal in valheim to teleport
Don’t forget the coordinates! Write them down on a sign.

Now that you’re on the other end of the portal, you have the coordinates you need in order to return home. This is a great way for people who don’t want to cheat in the game by teleporting anywhere around the map, but only using the teleport command from one portal to another.

Now that you are on this side, to teleport using commands type in the command “goto x y z” (with spaces).

For example if I wanted to teleport to the coordinates shown in the two images above I would type into the console the following command: goto -1679 37 -287

You can also teleport to the position using only the x and z coordinates. Using this method is not advised as you will be teleported on the same Y level you are currently at. If your current Y level is below the target destination you will simply be placed on the ground but if you are at higher altitudes, for example on a mountain, you will be teleported into the air and will take fall damage upon hitting the ground.

Method 3: Download Unrestricted Portals Mod

There is a mod that has been developed for the very problem you are facing if you hate the restriction of metal items on portals. If you do not wish to cheat and do not want to use any of the methods found on this page you can download a mod which will allow you to bring metals and ores through the portal.

The description for the unrestricted portals mod from the mod's nexusmods page
Information taken from the Unrestricted Portals mod from Nexus mods [Source]

You can tweak setting to allow only a certain amount of metal through if you are worries about balance issues when using this mod.

You can can find the download page with instructions on how to install the mod here.

We don’t endorse the mod in any way and don’t personally have it installed. It is only put here as a courtesy to players looking to bring metals and ores through their portals in Valheim.

Those are the three methods in which you can teleport metals in Valheim. Hopefully that has given you some ideas on how you can safely get your metals back to base. As the game is in early access it is still subject to change. Maybe we will see the team at Iron Gate Studio change their mind on bringing metals through portals but honestly, I don’t have a problem with it. I think they did it as a balance to the games grinding system and being able to slap down a portal next to every metal node may be a little too easy for my taste.

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