How to Zoom the Minimap In/Out in Valheim

Hail warriors! Today I’m going to teach you about a little control that Hugin may have forgotten to mention in his little guiding tour. Many players didn’t know that you can zoom the minimap in and out to get a quick wider look at the general area nearby. You can zoom the map further out if you are trying to follow a friend, for example and they have just gotten out of the border of your minimap.

Controls for Zooming the Minimap In and Out

You can use the ‘,'(comma) and ‘.’ (full stop) keys on your keyboard to zoom the minimap in and out as you see fit. The comma key will zoom the map out giving you a wider view and the full stop key will bring your viewpoint back in.

A fully zoomed-out minimap shows the entire map

When you zoom out the entire way you will be able to see the entire continent of your generated map. By default, the game’s minimap is zoomed in as close as possible. You are able to see custom symbols and text that you’ve drawn on your map inside the minimap as well. Make sure to delete any extra markings if the minimap becomes too cluttered.

By utilizing the controls for zooming the minimap, you won’t have to open up the main map to check where you are going. For example if you find yourself being followed by a troll and need to make it home real quick you might not have a lot of time to slowly open up the map and plot a location in.

If you would like to see a guide to using the actual map click here.

Checking the Other Controls and Finding Friends on the Map

If you want to see any other interesting controls that may not have been made clear on the beginning of your journey in Valheim you can an external site known as the Valheim Wiki. There is a page on how to play here which lists some controls for the game. Including some UI controls such as using CTRL and F3 to hide the UI.

A full map in Valheim. Explored map and how to find friends
The ‘Visible to other players toggle at the bottom right of the map will make it possible for friends to see you on the minimap

We wrote a guide on how to find your friends in Valheim here. When you have followed the guide and enabled the option that lets you be seen by other players on the server, that player will also be available to see on the minimap. So if you’re looking for your friends in Valheim, you can toggle the option on, zoom the minimap out using the ‘,’ key and see your friends without even having to open up the map using the ‘m’ key.

Did you know that you could zoom the minimap in and out in Valheim? Do you know any other controls that players might not have figured out yet or anything else you want to chare about your discoveries in the game? Write a comment down below.

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