How Will Trading With Other Colonies Work in Going Medieval

Trade was one of the most important parts of medieval times. With so many different cultures with different materials trade agreements often helped groups of people get rid of surplus materials whilst providing them with some other things they needed. The vikings even often traded with travelers from Asia and Russia. In Going Medieval you are not the only colony on the map.

As of the current version of the game’s Early Access there is currently no trading mechanic in the game. This guide will stay updated once one become available and show you exactly how to do it.

How to Trade in Going Medieval

As aforementioned there is currently no trading in the game as of yet. That being said hold on tight because the developers are definitely planning on adding the feature in. The roadmap for the game can be viewed in-game. This shows up some of the mechanics and features that the developers already have planned for the future of the game. One of the features is a trading system. In-game we already have the ability to view the entire region and view other settlements. To do this, press the Region button at the top left of the screen.

The region map in Going Medieval which shows factions you can trade with
You can access the region map in Going Medieval by selecting the Region button at the top of the UI

On this screen we are able to see other settlements that exist in the game. There are friendly settlements and enemy ones. In the current version of the game we are unable to interact with any of these groups. Bandits will occasionally attack your settlement depending on your difficulty settings but we never get to interact with any or the friendly settlements.

My best guess would be that this screen will be used for trading. I imagine this will function similar to the way that trading works in Rimworld. In Rimworld, you can send a trade caravan with goods, currency and colonists. They will then travel to a settlement and attempt to trade with this settlement. As there is also a region map here I would think that is how that will be implemented. There is also a possibility that traders will pass by your settlement from time to time but details on trading in Going Medieval are scarce at the moment.

When Will Trading Be Implemented?

As we can see on the in-game roadmap below, a trading system is indeed planned for the game. The developers have not stated a timeline at all for any of the features. (Which is probably best so nobodies expectations are being ruined.)

Even though the list below isn’t said to be in any specific order, I would imagine that being the first item on the list may hold some kind of weight here. It’s clearly one of the top priorities and the first thing they thought to write on the roadmap.

the Going Medieval roadmap
The official roadmap for Going Medieval

We can also see Caravans listed in the roadmap which I would think relates to trade caravans more than anything else. Hopefully we will also see the ability to move around the map and support more of a nomad style of play. That being said, the goal of the game is to settle somewhere and create a grand settlement…

Whenever the ability to trade is implemented in Going Medieval you can expect this page to stay up to date with all the latest news and guides.


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