Crafting Weapons in Going Medieval

In Going Medieval you will be in charge of managing a colony through the middle ages. One of the most prevalent themes of the medieval times was of course warfare. In Going Medieval your colony will face these same issues. With many different enemy factions waiting to attack your colony and take what you have, you’ll have to face off in battle. this doesn’t mean you will be helpless! Through crafting, you will have the ability to make weapons to defend your settlement!

This guide will be a beginner’s guide on how to get started crafting weapons for your settlers. It will cover everything from unlocking different weapons types, crafting melee and ranged weaponry and collecting the resources to make it happen!

Unlocking Weapons Crafting Through Research

To begin with in Going Medieval you won’t be able to craft any weaponry. Before you are able to get started creating your weapons of doom you will need to research different things. As you continue to unlock new research tiers you will be able to craft more advanced weaponry. This will mean that you need greater materials sometimes too. To be able to access Research you will need to craft a basic research table. After this, the Research tab at the top of the screen will no longer be grayed out.

You can check out this guide to help you better understand how research works in Going Medieval.

Researching how to create weapons in going medieval
All of the weapon-related research is at the bottom of the Research menu

Open up the research menu and have a look at some of the different research topics. All of the topics related to weaponry are found at the bottom of this menu. As you can see, the first research available to you is the Wooden Weaponry research. This will unlock the following items:

  • Woodwork Bench: A bench for crafting wooden melee weaponry
  • Bowyer’s Table: A facility for creating wooden bows.
  • Cudgel: A small wooden club-like weapon. 1 handed.
  • Wooden Spear: A two-handed spear used for piercing enemies.
  • Short Bow: The weakest of the bow weapons. Great for an early ranged advantage and for hunting.

All of the melee weapons features above are created at the woodwork bench. The bow is created at the Bowyer’s table.

How to Make Weapons in Going Medieval

Now that we have unlocked the most basic types of weapons, we can begin producing them. We will use the short bow as an example here but the same method applies for all weapons. To make this weapons, build the Bowyer’s table somewhere in the colony. You can do this by accessing the Production building menu at the bottom left of the screen or by pressing the F2 key. Now, place the table down somewhere. Once this facility is built, select it to open up the production menu.

Within this menu, select a Product from the items available in the top section. This will add that product to the production queue. We are going to select short bow for now. Once you have the Short Bow job queued in the table you can change the amount you want to create. If we were making a weapon that can be built from different materials, we could decide on what material to use here as well.

Crafting weapons at the bowyer's table in Going Medieval short bow
The short bow is a great starter weapon for hunting

Once the item is queued to be created, a settler assigned to that specific job will come and create the item. You should always try to assign your best craftsman to each task. When a weapons is created it will have a certain quality rating. The quality of an item will affect things like; the item’s stats such as damage and durability. To avoid wasting resources always have your best craftsman do the job.

Using Different Materials to Craft Weapons

Once you get to some of the more advanced weaponry you may see that you can use different materials to create them. Once you have unlocked blacksmithing you can create a blacksmith’s forge and craft two new types of weapons; the short sword and the Berdiche. You can use different types of materials to create these. As there are a few different types of metals, it is up to you to use whichever you would like.

Creating a short sword from steel at the blacksmith's forge in Going Medieval
You can decide which materials are used with the Edit menu

To decide on which metals you’d like to use or not use on a weapons, follow the same steps as before. Select the production facility and add the weapon to the production queue. Now with the weapon in the queue, you can see a button called Edit on the job. Selecting this button will open a menu that allows you to decide which resources will be used to create this weapon. For example as I have already unlocked steel creation I can use either gold, steel or iron to create my short sword. Using steel will result in a stronger, sharper sword.

You can also decide on which fuel sources to use in the processing of the weapon. This can keep you from using all of your sticks if you already have another plan on what to use them for.