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Who would have thought that in a game about building and conquering one’s ancient Norse foes that farming would become so popular with the gaming community of Valheim? One of the best things you can do in the game to give yourself a sustainable source of food for cooking is farming! Until now, players have been wanting to grow their own berries, plant ancient seeds and grow mushrooms. The good news is, with this latest Valheim mod, you can!

Planting mushrooms and berries in Valheim
A little diverse farm in Valheim with mushrooms and berry bushes

Planting Ancient Seeds in Valheim

First uploaded to the Valheim Mod Nexus by modder ‘bkeyes93’, Planting Plus adds a variety of new planting features for the farmers of the 10th Norse world. With the mod, Valheim players are not only able to plant mushrooms and berries. Players are also able to plant Birch seeds and Oak seeds using the mod. There is currently no way in the base game of Valheim to plant fine wood seeds but this mod makes it possible.

Another strange feature that is added to the mod is the ability to grow your own Ancient trees as well. You can collect these seeds by chopping down the trees native to the swamp. You can then get the seeds and grow them back at your own base for a little ancient bark farm!

The mod is fully configurable by changing the individual files. Check out the description on the Planting Plus mod page for more information on that.

Planting Plus features

There are many different plants you can plant using the Planting Plus mod. I will include all of the features in the mod below.

Plant Raspberry Bushes

planting a raspberry bush in Valheim
Grow your own raspberries!

Using the mod you can use 10 raspberries in order to create your very own supply of raspberries in the form of a bush. Not a bad little investment if you’re into queens jam.

Plant Blueberry Bushes

You can also plant blueberry bushes using, again, 10 units of this berry. You won’t have to go wandering out into the Black Forest every time you want to get some blueberries anymore! Plus, these bushes will produce berries in any biome.

Plant Cloudberry Plants

You can even grow your own cloudberry bushes in whatever biome you choose. No longer brave the plains to get some mere yellow berries, these can be grown at the meadows.

Plant and Grow Mushrooms

You can also plant and grow the 2 vanilla types of mushrooms in the game. One of the most requested features of Valheim is mushroom farming. This mod finally makes it possible! It also adds a third type of mushroom known as the Blue mushroom.

Plant Birch Trees

The mod adds the ability to grow your own birch trees using the cultivator. There is currently no way to farm fine wood in Valheim without using mods. You can now get birch seeds from birch trees and plant them using the cultivator.

Plant Oak Trees

planting birch trees and planting oak trees in Valheim
Farm and grow your very own Oak trees in this planting mod

Another great feature is the ability to grow the largest tree in Valheim, the oak tree. The oak tree is one of the best ways to get fine wood in the game. You can have your own little oak tree forest in Valheim.

Grow Thistle

You can also plant and grow your own thistle using this mod. You will need 5 thistle in order to start your own little thistle patch.

Plant and Grow Dandelions

This one is for the flower lovers of Valheim! Grow your very own dandelions at home. You may want them for the aesthetic appeal or just for the few cooking recipes that they are apart of!

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  1. This mob has a desync bug that makes the game unplayable. You will notice you will lose the ability to target enemies, logs on the ground, and other issues. The community is waiting for the author to update.

    • Good to know! I personally only played very briefly to test the mod and then uninstalled it again. Thanks for letting everyone know though.

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