Project Zomboid March Ridge Map – Build 41

Hello survivors! Today we are going over the March Ridge map in Project Zomboid. March Ridge is a small military housing district in Knox County. The small town can be found to the south of Rosewood, or by driving along the highway to the south west of Muldraugh. March Ridge is mainly full of small residential blocks and is intended to be housing for an upcoming addition to the game known as Fort Knox. Although the town is quite small and features mainly housing, there are a few interesting key points worth mentioning at March Ridge. Some of the key places include:

The March Ridge Map in-game

While exploring Knox Country you may come across a March Ridge Map. This will show you the greater area of March Ridge and which types of buildings can be found here. March Ridge’s motto is ‘Your Country, Your Home’ and can be seen written at the top of the map. As you can see in the image below, March Ridge doesn’t feature any Industrial buildings at all so those looting to find tools and construction supplies won’t be in luck here. March Ridge has the greatest residential building ratio when compared to the other towns and areas in Knox Country.

The March Ridge Map in Project Zomboid - Build 41

Where can I find a ‘March Ridge Map’?

Like the other towns’ maps, a March Ridge map can occasionally be found on zombie corpses, inside the glovebox of vehicles and inside bookshelves amongst the books. Although these are technically places that a map could spawn your chances are not very good. The best place to find a March Ridge map in Project Zomboid would be to go to a Gas Station and check the magazine shelves. These are the best source of finding maps I believe. You can find a map to March Ridge in a gas station in one of the other areas of the map but you chances are better if you search within the boundaries of March Ridge.

Project Zomboid March Ridge gas station screenshot

March Ridge only has one gas station in the center of town to be sure to check that out. Check out the image above and in the smaller building with the gas pumps you can see some white shelving up the top of the room. This is where magazines and maps are likely to spawn.

How to use the March Ridge Map

Read map March Ridge in project zomboid inventory

Reading the map

The map item weighs 0.1 as do all the other maps. To read the map, as shown in the image above, select the map by clicking the right mouse button or the A button on your Xbox controller. Select the option that reads ‘Read Map’. This will open up the March Ridge Map UI seen as the first image of this article.

Renaming the map

On this menu you can also rename the map item to anything you wish. Upon clicking the option in the drop-down menu a text box will appear letting you call the map whatever you wish if you don’t like March Ridge Map.

Drawing on the March Ridge Map

You can write text and draw symbols on any map in the game. To draw or write on the map you will need to have some type of pen or pencil. You can also erase the markings if you have an eraser.

Drawing on the march ridge map guide project zomboid

To write text on the map click the button on the bottom of the UI which reads ‘Add Note’. Your curser will change and you can click any part of the map to start typing something into a text box. Once you are happy with what you’ve written click OK and the writing will appear on the map.

You can also add symbols to the map by clicking the ‘Add Symbols’ button at the bottom right of the UI. After selecting this option, the Symbol menu will show up on the right hand side of the UI, (as seen in the image above), and you can select a symbol on the map. You can also change the color of your markings as long as you have the correct pen color in your inventory. See the image above for an example of both a note and a symbol on the map.

Thanks for reading my guide on the March Ridge Map in Project Zomboid. If you’ve set up a base in this area and have some insider knowledge for us let me know in the comments below! Good luck out there survivors!

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