Where to Find an Innki in Temtem

Eventually in your journey you will reach a quest called Intrigue. During this quest you are tasked with talking to the High Priest in order to get over a bridge. To prove that you want to go on an honest pilgrimage over to this area, the High Priest tasks the player with catching and bring a specific Temtem to him. This Temtem is called Innki. If you listen to the High Priest he will mention where you can find this Temtem. If you skipped through the dialogue however, he will not tell you the location again. Luckily this guide will show you exactly where you can find an Innki.

Where to Catch Innki in Temtem

The location where you can catch a wild Innki is in Cipanku. In the cliffs area known as the Pillars of Highabove you will find a cave at the bottom of the area known as the Misogi Grotto. See the map below to see how to get in there. Once you are inside here, search in the grass area in the middle of the grotto until you run into an Innki.

A map of Cipanku in Temtem showing where Misogi grotto is
The entrance to Misogi Grotto

The circled area shown on the map above is there are where you can enter the grotto is you were coming from the south. You can also enter the grotto from another entrance on the other side of the cave. You will just have to follow the pathways until you find the entrance to the cave. If you find a rock wall that can be climbed you have gone too far.

Misogi Grotto in Temtem where innki can be found
Innki can be found in all of the grass areas within Misogi Grotto

Tips for Catching an Innki in Misogi Grotto

When you reach Misogi Grotto your challenge is not yet over. You will have to run around in the grass until you encounter this Temtem. Unfortunately the Temtem is relatively rare to find. You will probably have to fight your way through a bunch of Mudrid and Chubee until you find an Innki. The spawn rate for Innki in this area is 5%. This means you’re likely to find an Innki every 10-15 encounters. (Because you encounter 2 Temtem at the same time)

Battling against an Innki in Temtem
Innki is a dual electric and crystal type

Innki is a Dual-type electric and crystal Temtem. As always be careful when trying to weaken Innki. You definitely do not want to do any earth type damage to Innki as it is a x4 damage bonus inflicted on the Temtem. See the chart below and plan your strategy around using either neutral attacks or attacks that are weak against it.

EarthFire, Melee, CrystalNeutral, Water, Nature, DigitalWind, Mental, ToxicElectric
A table showing the type effectiveness against an Innki

Other than that there is just a lot of RNG at play here. Keep running around in the grotto until you find an Innki! Be aware that once you have completed the quest and brought the High Priest the Innki he will take it from you. You will not get to keep the Innki. If you want one for yourself, you will have to catch a second Innki.

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