How to Destroy Walls and Stairs in Project Zomboid

There is nothing worse than a locked door when you really want to loot a building in Project Zomboid. Unlock that area and all of that loot for yourself by breaking down a wall! We will show you how to break down a wall using a sledgehammer and some of the other helpful hotkeys to bring you to destruction glory!

How to Destroy a Wall

To destroy a wall in Project Zomboid you are going to need to find yourself a sledgehammer. First of all, equip the sledgehammer from your inventory. Now, right-click the wall you wish to destroy and select the option which reads destroy wall. There are some other options for destroying walls I will go into below.

destroying walls in Project Zomboid using the sledgehammer
Busting down walls with the sledgehammer

Once you have selected the option for “Destroy” you can then select the wall you wish to destroy. If you are having trouble selecting the correct wall because there are other walls close by, you can use the R key to fine-tune exactly which wall you’d like to hit.

Once you have selected the destroy option once, you can click on as many walls as you’d like to keep on smashing. Using the sledgehammer to destroy walls in Project Zomboid will not degrade it’s durability so you can smash to your heart’s content. The only thing it will to is take a toll on your character’s exhaustion level.

How to Destroy Items and Furniture in Project Zomboid

Using the sledgehammer the player can also break down furniture and items across the map. By doing the same method as above, but on furniture, the player can break basically everything inside of a building using just the sledgehammer.

Breaking down items in Project Zomboid with the sledgehammer tool
Say goodbye kitchen furniture

Keep in mind however, that destroying items with the sledgehammer, as opposed to breaking them down with tools, will not yield the player with any materials. So breaking something down in Project Zomboid will just completely destroy it.

Using the sledgehammer to break down walls and items the player is able to access areas they couldn’t have gotten to otherwise. Places like storage lots cannot be accessed as they have no windows and locked doors. If a player takes a sledgehammer to the storage units, they can break into every single storage shed.

How to Destroy Stairs

The sledgehammer can also be used to destroy stairs in Project Zomboid in any residential building. By doing this the player can make the whole top level of a building inaccessible to enemies. To destroy the stairs, once again equip the sledgehammer tool. With the sledgehammer equipped, right click and select the ‘Destroy’ option. Whilst in destroy mode, left click on the stairs. Make sure you have an alternate way of getting up and down before destroying the stairs and leaving anything valuable at the top.

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