Valheim Coordinates Example Map – How to Use Coordinates and Teleport

Figuring out the coordinates for where you are standing is hard enough in Valheim. With no other way that cheating using console commands players are having a hard enough time just figuring out how to find their co-ordinates in Valheim. Earlier this month I wrote a guide on How to Get Coordinates and Teleport in Valheim which has been massively popular. One of the things I am still asked though, is how to figure out the coordinates on the map without getting to the location?

For those, I have created the following example so you can get an idea of which coordinates you’ll have to input into Valheim in order to get to certain destinations. Check it out below. The map in which I have created the examples and tracked where the position coordinates are is the map seed: 00000000.

You can go to this map seed if you wish to test out the coordinates and teleporting command to know exactly where you’ll end up.

The full coordinates map

Using Coordinates for Different Locations

As you can see in the above image, there are different value associated with different directions on the 2D map of Valheim. To travel vertically in Valheim you will adjust the second number in the ‘goto’ command. If you’d like to travel south, you’ll have to make the second value in your coordinates a negative number.

You will have to travel roughly 8000 units north or south in order to reach the deep north or ashlands respectively along the Z axis.

North Valheim Map Coordinates

valheim map coordinates. Coordinates showing the top half of the Valheim map
Example coordinates for the north of the Valheim map

As you can see you will have to travel to at least 8000 on the Z axis in order to reach the deep north biome in Valheim. This appears to be the coordinates value of the possible spawn of deep north, simulating Earth’s cold areas to the north as well.

South Valheim Map Coordinates

The map showing the coordinates of the south section
Valheim Coordinates South Map

As you can see on the south part of the Valheim map, the ashlands cannot be reached without going to -8000 when following the middle line. The bottom half of the map mirrors the top but instead of deep north the ashlands are present. you can use the example coordinates shown above to reach the ashlands easily through teleportation.

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