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What is Resident Evil Village?

What platforms will Resident Evil Village be released on?

Will Resident Evil Village be multiplayer?

Who is the main character in Resident Evil Village?

Where is the game set?

When is the Resident Evil Village release date?

Trailers and Media

What is Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village is an upcoming survival horror game. The game continues the story from the events of the previous Resident Evil games. Some of the details currently known about the game is that the inventory system will be similar to the briefcase inventory system that players may remember from Resident Evil 4. There is some further information about the game featured on the Resident Evil fandom page here.

What platforms will Resident Evil be released on?

Resident Evil Village will not be a PS5 exclusive game, even though some early reports mentioned it would be. It will not have any VR support at launch. Many fans are disappointed about the lack of PSVR support for Resident Evil Village since the previous title became a PSVR favorite for many.

The game will be released and can currently be preordered on the following systems:

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  • PS5
    This is the first Resident Evil game to make an appearance into the new generation of consoles. It can be preordered on the PlayStation Store here.
  • PS4
    The game will also release on the PS4 which is great news for those who haven’t been able to upgrade to next-gen yet. You can preorder on the PlayStation Store from the same link as above. Buying this version will give you access to the game on both consoles.
  • Xbox1 and Xbox Series X
    The game will also be available on the new and old generation of Microsoft’s flagship console the Xbox. You can find the link to both the preorder pages on Microsoft’s store here.
  • PC (Steam)
    You can preorder the game on Steam here.

Those are all of the platforms that are currently available for preorders. Whether or not Resident Evil Village will be released on the Nintendo Switch or other platforms is currently not known.

Will Resident Evil Village have Multiplayer?

Resident Evil Village will be a completely single player experience as of now. The game does not have any type on multiplayer on any console or system. Understandably that is upsetting a lot of players that wanted to play Resident Evil in Co-op, as they have done so on other previous titles.

There is however, another multiplayer Resident Evil game releasing with Resident Evil Village called Resident Evil Re:Verse. The information from it’s official page o the Capcom website explains that the characters will compete in “survival horror deathmatches”. Reception hasn’t been great for this. As aforementioned players loved the co-op gameplay featured in previous titles and it is a shame to see there aren’t a lot of triple A companies focusing on co-op experiences.
You can view the trailer for Resident Evil Re:Verse here;

You can sign up for the closed beta for Resident Evil Re:Verse though the official page on Capcom’s website.

The main character of Resident Evil Village

The player will control Ethan Winters, as in the previous game in the series. The gameplay will continue the story where the last game left off. Other beloved characters in the Resident Evil franchise that are announced to return to the new title include Ethan’s wife Mia Winters and child Rosemary. Chris Redfield who has been in the series since the first Resident Evil.

Ethan Winters is the main character in Resident Evil Village

There are a host of new characters which have been revealed in press releases, in trailers for the game and on the official Capcom website.

Where is Resident Evil Village set?

Resident Evil Village will be set in Louisiana. There are a few locations that are available to look at over on the official Capcom website such as the castle area. The game will continue the story of Ethan Winters and will be set a few years after the events of the 7th game in the series. The story will see Ethan Winters expand his search for his wife in Louisiana.

The castle - A location in resident evil village

What is the release date for Resident Evil Village?

The game is set to be released on all platforms supported on 7th of May, 2021. 07/05/21, (05/07/2021 for the US readers). The game is available to preorder but it is currently not known whether preloading will be an option on consoles or Steam. Many AAA titles feature preloading as file size for games keeps rising. Unfortunately the previous title Resident Evil 7 did not have a preload feature before the game became available so it is unlikely that Resident Evil Village will have preloading before launch.

Trailers and Media

Resident Evil Village announcement trailer:

2nd Trailer:

3rd Trailer:

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