Valheim’s Hearth and Home Update Release Date Revealed!

Repent warriors for we finally have a release date for the long awaited Hearth and Home expansion. Since Valheim’s debut in February fans have been waiting for the first major update Hearth and Home to be released or at least revealed. At first the team over at Iron Gate Studio had a full roadmap planned out for the start of the year. What they didn’t plan on is the raging success of Valheim and thus, things took a little longer than usual. Luckily thanks to a trailer shown at this year’s Gamescom we finally have a release date for the major update!

When is the Release Date for Valheim’s Hearth and Home

The first major update for Valheim’s early access Hearth and Home will be released on September 16th. This will be the first major update the game has had since it’s release in February. The update is going to bring “a lot more to do around the base” as previously stated in an update on the game’s official Steam news feed.

The release date for Hearth and Home was revealed in a teaser trailer for the update which you can see below. The trailer features an ‘anime style’ Valheim character slaying the game’s 4th boss Moder which is completely badass. Compared with the game’s first reveal trailer you can really see the step up in production value.

Check the trailer out for the Hearth and Home update here:

What Else is Coming For Valheim?

The updates will not be stopping at Hearth and Home! Revealed at the start of Valheim’s early access release, the developers have planned out a whole slew of content in the works. Hearth and Home is the first of 4 major updates planned. Following Heath and Home, the next major update for the game is called Cult of the Wolf. We don’t have any details for this update as of yet but when anything is posted you can count on Set Ready Game to keep you up to date.

The roadmap for Valheim featuring Heath and Home and Cult of the wolf
The official roadmap for Valheim

When will the Cult of the Wolf update be released? You can probably expect that one to wait until next year. Given that the first major update to the game occurred 7 months after the release of the game we aren’t expecting the next update to be released any time soon. I imagine that once Hearth and Home is released to the public, there will be a lot of bugs and errors to be squashed before the team can even think about moving on to the next part of the game.

What do you think about the update process of Valheim? Are you happy to see another major update? Like me, have you taken a break from the game and can’t wait to get back into it? Leave a comment below!


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