How to Get Draugr Elite Trophy in Valheim

Valheim is a game of many different materials and objects. From breaking down giant mosquitoes to craft arrows from their stingers to breaking down a tree to craft a chest there are so many different ingredients to find and craft with in Valheim. When you defeat some of the enemies in the game there is a chance that they will drop a trophy. One of the hardest trophies in the game to get is the Elite Draugr Trophy. Just finding one of these enemies is hard enough in Valheim but the chance to find one and have it drop the item are slim to none. Luckily, I’m going to show you the best way to get an Elite Draugr Trophy.

What is an Elite Draugr Trophy?

A trophy is one of the items that has a chance to drop when you defeat certain enemies. When you defeat a deer there is a small chance that they will drop a deer trophy. When you defeat a skeleton they may drop a skeleton trophy. You can use some of these trophies to craft specific items in Valheim. Most of the trophies primary uses however, are for decoration when hung on an item stand.

Hanging the draugr elite trophy on the wall in Valheim
What a lovely smile!

The Elite Draugr Trophy is one of the rarest of all of the trophies in the game. This only drops from a special type of enemy called an Elite Draugr.

How to Get an Elite Draugr Trophy

The best way to get an Elite Draugr Trophy is obviously by defeating as many Elite Draugr as possible. This will up your chances of getting a trophy as loot. Elite Draugr that have higher star levels will also have a higher chance to drop an Elite Draugr Trophy. As the Draugr are commonly found in the swamp, you should head there to begin your search. The best chances of finding an Elite Draugr is to find one of the places where Draugr spawn and wait for one to show up.

Waiting for an Elite Draugr to spawn in the swamps of Valheim at a body pile
Body Piles are spawners for the Draugr enemies

The easiest way to find an Elite Draugr and get an Elite Draugr Trophy in Valheim is by heading to the swamps and looking for a Body Pile which is a place that will infinitely spawn different Draugr types. (See the image above). Once you have found one of these locations, keep defeating regular Draugr until Elite Draugr spawn. Now, take these enemies down for a chance to get an Elite Draugr Trophy.

Waiting For a Draugr Elite

There is not better way to get a trophy in Valheim than this method without cheating. As this location will spawn endless amounts of Draugr, it is suggested you have some decent gear and supplies before attempting to farm Elite Draugr Trophy. You can even set up a small temporary base with a spawn point nearby in case anything happens. Basically you will just be sitting here destroying Draugr until an Elite Draugr spawns and drops a trophy.

The Draugr Elite enemy which can be found in the swamps of Valheim
Look out for the Draugr Elite when farming Draugr

This is going to be a great way of keeping your sausages supply up if you’re big on cooking in Valheim. This is just a waiting game using this method. Eventually the game will spawn an Elite Draugr and eventually they will drop a trophy when you beat them. You just have to keep trying until you get one. Be careful not to accidentally destroy the Body Pile as that will cause the Draugr enemies to no longer spawn here. Of course there are other areas where Draugr can spawn that you could wait but this location always has two spawners and is fairly common in the swamps.

Getting Draugr Elite Trophies Through Cheating

Players also have the option of spawning in any object in the game that they want at any time. Servers owners have access to the command console which can be used to input a vast range of cheats and commands to make the game easier. One thing that can be done is spawning in items. To spawn a Draugr Elite Trophy into the game you must first enable cheats.

You’ll first need to check out this guide, explaining how to access the command console since a recent update removed the command console by default in Valheim. Now that you have access to the console, open it up whilst playing the game by pressing the F5 key. Type the following command into the console exactly how it is written and press the ENTER key to enable cheat commands.


Once you have access to cheats you will see a message informing you to use cheats at your own risk. Now, with cheats enabled you can type the following command into the console to spawn a Draugr Elite Trophy:

spawn TrophyDraugrElite

Spaces and grammar matter here. Remember to use all capital letters as they look above. If you wish to spawn in multiple Draugr Elite trophies, use the code up top followed by a space and a number. For example if I want to spawn 5 Draugr Elite Trophy I’d type the code “spawn TrophyDraugrElite 5”.

Remember that cheating may ruin your experience in the game. But everyone has a different way of having fun and playing the game.

What is the Draugr Elite Trophy Used For?

There are a few reasons why you might want to get a Draugr elite trophy. For starters, you may just be collecting all the trophies in the game. If you press the TAB key you can access the “Trophies” screen by pressing the icon that looks like, well, a trophy. Here, you can see every trophy that your character has collected in the game. Some players simply want to collect them all and fill up this screen. Each trophy screen is unique to the character you are playing, so every time you start a new character you will have to start from scratch.

The trophy collection UI in Valheim
The trophy collection can be viewed to see which trophies your character has found so far

Using the Elite Draugr Trophy as Decoration

As shown in one of the first images at the top of this article, trophies can be placed on item stands to decorate your base. By first creating an item stand and attaching it to a surface, the player can attach items to this. Enemy trophies can also be used as wall decorations. Perhaps you want to show off your latest battle with your friends, maybe you want to create a room with every trophy in the game? Let your creativity run wild.

Crafting and Upgrading the Iron Sledge

The iron sledge is one of the most powerful blunt weapons in the game at the moment. This is a heavy-hitting high knock-back two handed hammer which will send some smaller enemies flying. In order to unlock and craft an Iron Sledge for yourself, you are going to have to find a Draugr Elite Trophy. Furthermore, if you want to keep using the Iron Sledge and keep in relevant at later stages of the game you will have to upgrade it.

Crafting the iron sledge in Valheim using 10 ancient bark, 30 iron, 4 ymir flesh and 1 Draugr Elite Trophy
The Iron Sledge is a hard weapon to craft.

Luckily to fully upgrade the Iron Sledge you will only need a total of one Draugr Elite Trophy. Those developers over at Iron Gate Studio didn’t want to make upgrading this weapon too hard I guess. It is such a pain to find even one Draugr Elite trophy in the first place. Can you image having to find one trophy for every level? The one rare ingredient you will need to keep upgrading the sledge is Ymir flesh which can be bought from the trader in infinite amounts.


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