How to Spawn a Spaceship in Valheim

Vikings of Valheim rejoice. We have finally discovered air travel! Through the advanced aerospace development program of Valheim (AADV) we finally have a spaceship available in the game! I will show you what you need to do to spawn the spaceship and a bonus item available at the bottom of the page.

Enabling Cheats in Valheim – The First Steps

The first thing you are going to have to do before you can spawn your very own rocket in Valheim is enable cheats in the game. This has been changed slightly a couple patches ago.

Enabling Cheats

As of patch 0.148.4 you will need to enable the command console from the launch options for the game. For a guide on how to do this, click here.

Spawn the Spaceship in Valheim

Now that we have cheats enabled in the game you are ready to spawn your very own spaceship. Now, open up the console using the F5 key. With the console now opened, type in the console command exactly how it is shown here below:

spawn tolroko_flyer

Once you have entered the above console command into your in-game console press the ENTER key.

Spawning the tolroko flyer in Valheim
The spaceship spawning console command

After you have pressed enter a spaceship will spawn directly in front of your player. You can see that the spaceship is made from some kind of reflective metal. There are some driving instruments in the dash of the vehicle and some kind of thruster attached to the back of the vehicle.

We are unsure where this unusual space technology comes from or why it was added to the game. Some have speculated that the developers made have included this asset as a way to test the reflections in the game. While the material doesn’t have a complete mirror image reflection, there is a lot of different types of reflective surfaces on the ship which would support this theory.

An image of the Spaceship in Valheim in-game
Ready for lift-off

How to Fly The Spaceship in Valheim

Although you can spawn the device and clearly see some kind of cockpit on it, there is no way at all to interact with this vehicle. You cannot sit on the vehicle or use any or the keys to move it. You can however push the vehicle around. The spaceship has it’s own physics and can move around the landscape. Sometimes when you push against the spaceship the player will be thrown pretty fast with the vehicle.

Whilst there is currently no active way to interact or fly the spaceship you can use cheats to fly your character around. Check out the following guide for more information on that.

Spawning a Corgi Statue in Valheim

You were promised a surprise at the end of this guide and I am here to deliver. There is a way that you can spawn a big stone statue of a corgi in the game as well. This is for all of the dog lovers out there. Whilst you can’t have any scary gargoyles looming over your fortress these corgis may just do the job for you.

To spawn your very own corgi statues in your Valheim world type the following command, (with cheats enabled) into the console and press ENTER.

spawn StatueCorgi

The corgi statue in Valheim, available through console commands
Woof woof

Teaser for a possible DLC? An Easter egg left in by one of the developers with corgi’s at home? Who knows. Either way we are thrilled we can finally deck out the castle with some doggy furniture.

How to Delete the Valheim Corgi Statue

Be warned however, there is currently no way that you can get rid of the corgi statue in-game. Once you have spawned the Corgi statue in Valheim it will remain there for as long as the server is up. You can either try to roll the server back or just build in another location if you want it gone. Hitting the statue with the pickaxe or even with the Cheat sword will yield the same result, nothing. Once the doggy is there, he’s there to stay.


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