Earn Free Crypto Playing Games? – Phoneum Games Review

We are officially in the age of cryptocurrency. Over the last 12 months or so it seems like cryptocurrency news has been popping up on just about every news source there is available. Now, cryptocurrency in gaming isn’t anything new. A few years ago blockchain developers decided to use their blockchain to support gaming funds and in-game items.

I’ve previously talked about and reviewed a little crypto-mining game called Rollercoin in a previous post. Now, my focus is switching to games in which you can earn free Phoneum. I’ve been playing every Phoneum earning game on Android for the last week or so and wanted to give everyone an idea of what they can expect from these games. Can you get rich playing games on your phone, or is this just another advertisement scam? We take a look at Phoneum games.

What is Phoneum?

Phoneum describes itself as “a true mobile-only cryptocurrency, designed to deliver a simplified user experience and platform that enables all users, regardless of technical aptitude, to fully participate in the new cryptocurrency economy.

Phoneum is a Tron-based token which can only be collected through activities within the company’s apps. There is very little of a trading market happening for Phoneum as it is only currently listed on a crypto exchange called Probit. I have no experience with this exchange and have read some bad reviews about the exchange so if you plan on using it do so at your own risk. At the time of writing, the amount of Phoneum that was traded in the last 24 hours sits at 53,782.69 USD. Relatively low for a cryptocurrency.

Regardless we aren’t here to talk about Phoneum trading or purchasing. In fact, if you play these free games for long enough you can own free Phoneum. Well that’s the hook anyway. I’ve been playing Phoneum games for a week and I am going to discuss how much I’ve made so far in the games, how much time you’ll need to put into playing these games and what you can expect going into them.

What Games Can You Earn Free Crypto?

There are currently 6 different Android apps in which you can earn Phoneum for free on your device. They are:

  • Cloud Earning PHT: This one isn’t so much a game as it is just an application. All you have to do is open up the app once every week and you can earn free PHT. Your phone will slowly earn more and more over the week and then after 7 days of running you collect it. It does not use your phone’s hardware to mine, everything it ‘cloud-based’.
  • Crypto Cards: This one is kind of a NFT-lite. You trade and collect cards from different sets and try to complete sets in order to earn yourself more Phoneum. Phoneum is the only in-app currency which is supported in this app.
  • Crypto Connect 3: In this game you connect 3 or more coins of the same type to earn points and complete other bonus challenges. Think low-effort Candy Crush. Once you have completed all levels you can withdraw your Phoneum.
  • Crypto Planet: A Phoneum earning game where you’ll play little mini-games and watch ads to earn Phoneum. It features a tapping game and a space invaders clone. You can use the in-game ‘gems’ to unlock chests to earn Phoneum and other cryptos.
  • Crypto Treasures: Probably the best theme out of all of them, but the worst mini-games. You just spin a wheel once a day, play scissors, paper, rock and open chests. This Phoneum wallet syncs with your balance from ‘Cloud Earning PHT’ which is cool.
  • Green Karma: One of the more interesting ones. Green Karma is basically an asset-swap of Crypto Planet except when you fulfill objectives you contribute to real-world projects which aim to reduce CO2 emissions.

I’ve played all of these games for the last week and am here to give my opinion on all of them, which are worth your time and which games you can make the most free Cryptocurrency from.

Cloud Earning PHT Review

This one, being not really a game at all will probably be the shortest review, so I’ll talk about it first. I must say straight off the bat that I enjoy this one the most due to the fact it doesn’t take up any of my time during the day. I don’t have to sit through ads, spin wheels or do anything really to earn PHT. This is basically the easiest way to get free PHT.

get phoneum free with the Cloud mining app
Earn free Phoneum

The best part about this one is the fact that the wallet syncs up to one of the other apps, Crypto Treasures. This means that you’ll be able to get to that withdraw amount even quicker. Honestly I just see it as a little boost every week which puts me closer to that withdraw amount. I haven’t used any of the VIP or premium models and haven’t invited anyone to the app. The withdraw minimum is 20,000 PHT as is with the rest of the apps. At the time of writing this amount equals $12.38USD.

Week 1 PHT Earnings: 613.48 ~ 0.379 USD

Clearly not any insane amount of money made in the first week of this app, but considering the fluctuations in price this could be worth good money. 38 cents for nothing could turn 10x if the market catches onto the token.

Crypto Cards Review

Now Crypto Cards is the only Phoneum game I actually kind of enjoy. In this game the main goal is to collect cards in different sets. You can turn in those sets for Phoneum rewards and the ability to open more packs in-game. This is another random pack opening game where the harder cards are near impossible to get. That being said, there is a very active trade market in the game which is quite useful if you really cant get that last card. You can trade Phoneum with other players for different cards and trade cards as well.

NFT's and card collecting game Crypto cards on the tron network
Crypto Cards is the only one I actually have fun with

There are very minimal ways to actually earn Phoneum playing the game. There is a game that can be played every day called Tap Card. This works kind of like Flappy Bird however your goal is to actually touch the Phoneum stacks you see on the screen. You can earn around 200PHT every day playing Tap Card. There is also a wheel that you can spin which will award you with either 250PHT, a booster pack containing 3 cards or a ‘rare’ card. I use rare very sparingly as I have just about all of the rare cards after 1 week of playing.

You can also watch 3 advertisement to earn 3 rare cards every day and watch 1 video to get a free Booster pack which contains 3 random cards. This is the only game where I haven’t actually been trying to save up all of my PHT. I’ve been spending PHT within the app to earn cards because I actually want to turn one of the pack in for the sake of this review.

It is hard to say how much PHT I’ve earned playing Crypto Cards as I’ve been spending it all again in-game to get card packs. I can say however that the packs in the store are a bit confusing. You will actually earn more cards and have a better chance at rare cards by opening the cheapest packs. For 400 PHT you will get 6 cards, 1 of them being at least rare, with 800PHT you only get 9 cards with 2 of the guaranteed rare. Meaning if you were to open 2 of the smaller packs you will gain 12 cards, (2 rare) for the same price as the 9 card pack. Confusing.

I’m not sure if there is a higher drop chance for better cards if one were to buy the better packs. I have personally received 2 Red (very rare) cards from the cheapest pack available so I am not sure.

All of the assets I have after playing the game are:

Amount Worth in PHTWorth in USD
Rounded to 1c
Basic Blue Cards69690$0.45
Rare Green Cards38950$0.62
Very Rare Red Cards3900$0.58
Playing Crypto Cards for ~1 week

This is using the current market price at the time or writing. The prices given per card are when the cards are swapped in-game. They could be sold on the market for more possibly. I have sold 2 green cards on the market for 69PHT (- a 20PHT fee each time). When this price is assumed for every green card in my collection it would be worth just about double of what the price above is.

This could vary per game as well due to the fact card packs are completely random. You may get lots of rare cards on your first day, perhaps even filling up an entire set.

Crypto Connect 3 Review

One of the first actual real games, crypto connect 3 is not too different from any other connect 3 game on the market. The game-play is pretty basic and completing all of the levels in genuinely pretty easy.

earn free money and crypto playing games
Crypto Connect 3 is a fun enough match game

The main game-play is very similar to other titles in the casual connecting games. This is the first Phoneum game I have actually put real money into. I had some Google Play store credit, (which was earned through other means) and decided to use it to get the premium version of the game. This cost me around 4USD. I figured the price was worth it as having the premium version allows you to earn considerably more PHT every level and allows you to reset the game once to earn the money again. I completed the entire game in about 6 games of casual playing. I was jumping back to the game at every chance, it was actually pretty easy.

You get an instant reward of around 2500PHT when getting the premium version and multiply your rewards at the same time. I also figured the game reset would come in handy. I am not sure whether the game reset will mean I have the premium version after reset but I guess we will see. I have made the money back while playing the game if I chose to sell the PHT today, but I think I want to hold onto them for a while and see what it could be worth in the future.

In the week I have been playing Crypto Connect I have the following stats:

PHT Earned: 8040 = $5.218

USD Spent for Premium: $4

Gain so far: $1.218.

Important to note is the fact I have not used the game reset yet which will allow me to earn even more PHT when I reset the game. This one is good because it is actually fun to play. This is the least monotonous game features in Phoneum and is the quickest way you can withdraw Phoneum playing any of the games. There is no minimum withdraw amount for this game, you just have to beat level 100.

Crypto Planet/Green Karma Review

As Crypto Planet and Green Karma are basically re-skins of the same game I figure I will review them together. In both of these games, you can earn in-game currency by pressing a button and waiting. In Crypto Plant this is called digging for crystals and in Green Karma this is sending a guard boat around. Both of these will net you with some of the in-game currency for the game. In Green Karma you collect Oxygen in order to spend it on chests and other means, and in Crypto Planet you earn crystals.

Play crypto planet to earn free Phoneum token
Crypto Planet main menu UI

In both of these games you have 2 mini-games which can be played each day to earn either crystals or oxygen. There is a space invaders clone in which you either destroy blue crystals or water bottles, and a tap game. The more things you shoot in the space invaders one, the more you earn. Same goes for the tapping mini-game.

Both get old pretty quick. Although it is beneficial to play these as much as you can as there are mission related to playing all of the games a certain amount of time. The more you play, the more missions you can complete and unlock more experience and currency to be spent. They both have an in-game store which can be used to open chests.

In Crypto Planet, opening a chest will allow you to earn PHT immediately, a random space collectible, experience and a random cryptocurrency from the Tron network. These are generally smaller random crytpos that are worth next to nothing but crypto nonetheless.

free cryptocurrency app Green Karma

There is also a similar feature in both games that allows you to plant a tree, (or incubate something) which allows you to earn oxygen when it is finished. You can choose between 8, 16 and 24 hour wait times for your virtual tree and simply some back to collect them when you are ready. These also relate to missions so it is within your best interest to simply pick the shortest time possible in order to complete the missions as quick as you can. There is also a random wheel in Green Karma which isn’t available in Crypto Planet where you can spin it to earn a small amount of PHT or Oxygen.

Both games are okay albeit extremely repetitive. To be honest I haven’t been playing them as much as I can every day as I find the tapping game extremely boring. The space invaders clone is bad enough but at least there is some kind of game-play there. Both games also have a collectibles system in which you can complete the set of collectibles in order to earn some in-game currency, experience and PHT. In both games I have all of the collectibles apart from the very rare one. (Usually looking like a gem).

This rare collectible is generally available from the store for a pricey amount. Generally around 15USD. I have heard from other people in the Phoneum sub-reddit that they have managed to get rubies whilst playing Crypto Treasures from chests. It seems that the rare collectibles can be received through the in-game chests but are very rare. Plus they cannot be traded. In my one week playing, I have not received a rare collectible item in any of the Phoneum games.

Here are some of the stats for my first week playing both of these games:

Green Karma: 1760PHT = $1.142USD

Random Cyrptocurrencies: BTC = $0.03, ETH = $0.056USD, LTC = $0.067USD, TRX + $0.188USD

Total USD earned from Green Karma Week 1: $1.483

Crypto Planet: 1336PHT = $0.867

Random Cryptocurrencies: BTC = $0.018, ETH = $0.028, LTC = $0.022, TRX = $0.001, BTT = $0.01, BTZC = $0.005, WIN = $0.02, LVH = $0.004, TWJ = $0.001, AMSK = $0.004

Total USD earned from Crypto Planet Week 1: $0.971USD.

All prices are based on the current pricing of each crypto. Due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency it could be double or half the amount tomorrow.

Crypto Treasures Review

Crypto Treasures as aforementioned probably has the best theme out of all of them. If has different game play from the other ones above and the fact that the PHT amount syncs with the Cloud Mining App makes it really good. Out of all of the games, you will probably be able to withdraw from this one the fastest.

The best Phoneum game, Crypto treasures
Always 2x the wheel

The game has a few different parts to it. There is a scissors, paper, rock game in which you play against the CPU. You will earn 50 coins when you win and 10 when you lose. As with planet and karma, there is also a missions section of the UI which allows you to select missions to complete and earn coins and experience rewards. Accept every mission in the game whenever you can. You can have as many missions active at any time so there’s no point in not having them all on.

For the wheel which you spin, I’ve found it is always worth it to double up every spin. The wheel generally lands on coins and when it does, you’ve made the money back on doubling up 2-fold, or you will earn an extra 15 from landing on the 30. In any case, if you don’t land on coins to get your money back, you will be earning double PHT which is the goal, so i it only within your interest to double up every spin.

You can click on the shovel at the bottom of the screen in order to dig for treasure. You can decide how long you want to wait for the treasure to take, in which case you’ll just have to come back to the app to grab your reward when the treasure is done. The main game-play loop will be, spin the wheel, get the treasure, play the rock game, spend it on chests.

There is also a collectibles game within Crypto Treasures where you will have to find all of the items to turn them in for rewards. I have found every item at least 4 times apart form the Ruby which is the super rare collectible. Funnily enough it is available in the store for ~15USD which is absolutely not worth it as you’ll only get around 1000PHT for completing the set.

Crypto Treasures Week 1 Earnings:

PHT Earnings: 3012 PHT = $1.954USD

Random Cryptos: BTC = $0.30, ETH = $0.003, LTC = $0.02, TRX = $0.002, BTT = $0.112, BTZC = $0.07, WIN = $0.042, LVH = $0.003, TWJ = $0.001, AMSK = $0.006

Total earnings in Week 1: $2.513USD

Earning Comparison – Which Game Can You Earn The Most Money?

I’ve created the following table to demonstrate how much PHT I have earned within a week of playing each of the Phoneum games. There may be discrepancies due to the nature or random chance boxes but these are just my personal statistics.

GAME/AppPHT BalanceIn-game Items PHTTotal in USD
Cloud-Earning PHT613.480.398
Crypto Cards22925401.797
Crypto Connect 380405.218
Green Karma17601.142
Crypto Planet13360.867
Crypto Treasures30121.954
Phoneum Earned after 1 Week Playing Games

As you can see from the graph above, I have made ~$9.73 worth of Phoneum at today’s price by playing these games for 1 week. I have got this amount without using any method of referrals and all done with 1 account for all of the games. Some things to consider when viewing the table are:

  • I cannot withdraw from most games until I have reached 20,000 Phoneum.
  • I payed $4 USD to get the premium version of Crypto Connect (which ended in a profit!)
  • Amounts may vary due to the random chance associated with most of the games.

As it were, Crypto Treasures ended up making the most PHT for the week. It seems to be the most popular app on the network and the one that Phoneum are supporting the most at the moment The added benefit od the Cloud-Earning app makes it a great choice for people wanting to withdraw as soon as possible.

For the quickest withdraw game however, you’ll want to play the Crypto Connect as it doesn’t rely on you earning 20,000 PHT, you only have to have finished level 100 in order to withdraw from the app. I have requested a withdraw through the app but so far have not received anything. I only just requested the withdrawal however.

Invitation Codes/Referral Codes

I will post my personal invite codes to each of the cryptocurrency games here. I am not sure if you will earn anything extra from inputting them when you start the game, however I will get a little bit extra PHT depending on how many people I have invited. Some of the invite codes or people say you earn “200 extra Phoneum with my invite code” but I’m not going to make the same statements as I am genuinely not sure whether you gain anything. It is probably only going to benefit me.

If you got anything of value from this article I would appreciate you using the code as it won’t take anything away from your earnings or experience. But if you don’t want to that’s fine too.

Crypto Cards Invite Code: 82up45kj
Cloud Mining PHT Invite Code: 3rjkbq9d
Crypto Planet Invite Code: pexw3g2k
Crypto Treasures Invite Code: 3rjkbq9d
Green Karma Invite Code: uxbmsnyg