3 Powerful Weapons in Valheim and How to Get Them

Today we are counting down 3 of the most interesting weapons you can find in Valheim and exactly how you can craft them. This list won’t be about finding the most powerful weapons in Valheim but just about 3 cool unique weapons that are a part of the game. We will talk about 3 weapons all from different weapon types, one blunt hammer, one spear and one interesting bow. This will be a guide on everything you will need to craft these weapons and where to find them.

In Valheim crafting and recipes are worked kind of differently. In order to unlock a crafting recipe, the player will have to pick up at least one unit of each of the necessary crafting materials. For example if you need 10 Copper, one Core Wood and 2 Surtling cores to create an item, you will have to collect one of every item listed. This can make discovering new weapons difficult as there are so many different items in the game some players will have never even heard of.

In this article I am going to show you three weapons that I’ve discovered and actually use in Valheim. Each weapon is powerful for a certain part of the game, but obviously as you move on to new crafting materials and metals the tools and weapons are going to be powercrept.


Weapon 1: Frostner

Damage and Type

How to Craft Frostner

Weapon 2: Draugr Fang

Damage and Types

How to Craft Draugr Fang

Weapon 3: Ancient Bark Spear

Damage and Types

How to Craft Ancient Bark Spear


Frostner is the first weapon I am showcasing for Valheim today. Frostner is a one-handed battle hammer with a design similar to Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. Frostner requires some pretty late-game materials to craft so unless you’ve got a friend lending you gear you won’t be able to craft Frostner until you have beaten the third boss of the game, Bonemass.

Using Frostner the Hammer in Valheim

Frostner is personally my favorite weapon at the moment as I have been focusing on clubs the entire way through the game and Frostner, although is technically a hammer, uses the clubs skill for scaling.

The in-game description for Frostner reads “The dead fear silver. Remind them why.” Badass? Badass.

The in-game description for Frostner including stats in Valheim

Damage and Type

Frostner is a one-handed blunt weapon. This weapon is mostly effective against creatures that obviously take more damage from blunt weapons. Skeletons for example will take critical damage against blunt weapons, as will a few of the creatures from the swamps.

Frostner’s damage is split across 3 different damage types. In the early game you will notice most of the weapons only do 1 type of damage and that is all. Due to the different materials required to create Frostner and the fact it isn’t just some ‘Iron axe’ or so, you will start to notice more and more items in the late game doing different kinds of damage. The three types of damage this weapon will deal are Blunt damage, Frost damage and something called Spirit damage.

Along with the 3 main physical types of damage such as piercing, slashing and blunt there are bonus elemental damage types. Enemies can also be effective greatly or not so much by these damages in the same way they are effected by physical damage. To use an example, all of the enemies found in the cold biome of the mountains will be resistant to frost damage and the Greydwarf enemies will be effected greatly by fire.

Frostner does 35 blunt damage at base level, 40 frost damage and 20 spirit damage. This makes a whopping 95 base damage per hit from this blunt frozen hammer. Obviously depending on your skill level in clubs it can be even more. The weapon also has a knockback rating of 120 so it’s great for clearing some distance if you’re getting crowded by enemies.

The hammer also has secondary attack that can be activated by pressing the 3rd mouse button(click the scroll wheel in). This is an upward swing that takes a little bit longer to charge up but will do great damage and knockback. It won’t be a part of a combo though.

How to Craft Frostner

In order to craft Frostner you will need to gather some fairly rare materials and items. You will need to gather 10 units of Ancient bark, 30 units of Silver, 5Ymir flesh and 5 freeze glands. Read on to find out how you can get all of these things.

The Crafting materials require to craft Frostner in Valheim

  • Ancient bark: You can find ancient bark in the swamp by cutting down ancient trees. Simply enough. You will probably need to cut down around 2-3 trees.
  • Silver: Silver is found in the mountain biome. Upon defeating Bonemass, you will be given a Wishbone item. You can use the Wishbone to find silver underground in the mountains
  • Ymir flesh: Probably the rarest item but can be the easiest to obtain from the 4. You can only acquire Ymir flesh by buying it from the trader. That being said you will have to find the location of the trader first. Look for a bag symbol on your map or keep exploring Black Forest biomes.
  • Freeze gland: You can get freeze glands by defeating Drakes in the mountains. Bring a good bow.

Draugr Fang

the draugr fang in-game description in Valheim

The second weapon of this list is the Draugr Fang. The Draugr Fang is a bow which can use any type of arrow in the game. It glows faintly and you will be able to see the effect in-game when the item is equipped or on the back of the character. It is a two-handed weapon as are all the other bows in the game.

The in-game description for the Draugr Fang is “Dark wood strung with glistening sinew, a vicious thing.”

The bow has a greater strength then the Finewood Bow plus with the bonus of poison damage applied on hit. Plus the general aesthetic of the bow is very pleasing. Even if you don’t plan on using the bow in is a cool item to have up on the wall of a swamp or dark inspired room.

The draugr fang bow in-game in valheim

Draugr Fang type and damages

The Draugr Fang is a very powerful ranged weapon. As with the other bows of the game, this one also deals piercing damage. The great thing about bows is that they can generally be useful to just about any enemy in the game, considering you can string up whatever type of arrow you want. Doing to the mountains? Use the fire bows to deal critical damage to your enemies. Honestly there isn’t too many bad things about the bow. Especially if you are planning to fight the 4th boss of the game, Moder. As this boss can fly, ranged weaponry is very important here.

Along with the regular 47 pierce damage the bow can do, on-hit 5 poison damage will also be applied. It doesn’t matter which type of arrow you will use, poison damage will also be applied. Couple this with a strong set of arrows and you will be able to destroy anything from a distance.

How to Craft Draugr Fang

As with Frostner, crafting Draugr Fang will also require you to have beaten second boss, The Elder and the third, Bonemass. You will have to defeat The Elder to get access to Iron and defeat Bonemass to get the Wishbone and find Silver. The recipe for Draugr Fang will be unlocked once you find one of each of the items necessary to craft it. You will need 10 Ancient bark, 20 Silver, 2 Deer hide and 10 Guck.

Crafting materials required to make Draugr Fang in Valheim at the Forge

To find all of the items you will need to craft Draugr Fang check below.

  • Ancient bark: You can find ancient bark in the swamp by cutting down ancient trees. Simply enough. You will probably need to cut down around 2-3 trees.
  • Silver: Silver is found in the mountain biome. Upon defeating Bonemass, you will be given a Wishbone item. You can use the Wishbone to find silver underground in the mountains
  • Deer hide: The one you probably have already. Defeated deer will drop Deer hide.
  • Guck: This is the hardest one. Guck is obtained in the swamp by breaking open guck sacks. On some trees in the swamp you will notice large green glowing sacks attached to them. You may have to build up to these guck sacks to break them open with an axe or pick.

Once you have all of these items, head to a level 2 forge and you can craft your very own Draugr Fang.

Ancient Bark Spear

How to craft the ancient bark spear in a forge in Valheim. a strongweapon

The third and final weapon we will discuss in this article is the Ancient Bark Spear. This one is not has rare as the other two and will probably just be unlocked passively through normal playing of Valheim. It is a lone piece of Ancient wood with a nice strong Iron tip on the end of it. This one will probably de created before the other two as it’s the only one of the list that doesn’t require you to go to the mountains.

Spears are great because they have a pretty good range compared to most melee weapons and a pretty decent attack speed.

The in-game description for this weapon reads “Despite its gnarled look, this spear is strong and perfectly balanced.”

The Ancient Bark Spear in Valheim. One of the best weapons in the game

Ancient Bark Spear Type and Damages

The Ancient Bark Spear, unlike the other two weapons on the list, doesn’t feature any elemental damage at all. The spear is capable of 55 pierce damage at base level. Although there are other spears that are better at the game, at the point where you can acquire the Ancient Bark Spear it is a pretty strong weapon. Not only the fact of strength but it also looks really cool. (See image above).

The spear not only benefits from having a good melee range but you can use the third mouse button to throw the spear and perform a ranged attack. The spear will not be consumed and you will be able to pick it back up off the ground and throw it as many times as you want until it breaks.

How to Craft the Ancient Bark Spear

Crafting the ancient bark spear in valheim

The Ancient Bark Spear is crafted at the Forge as with all of the other weapons. You will need to gather up 4 Troll hide, 10 Iron and 10 Ancient bark. You will have to have beaten the second boss, The Elder, in order to get the Iron you need to create this weapon.

The items you will need and where you will find them are;

  • Troll Hide: Troll hide is found as loot from fallen trolls. You can find trolls roaming around in the Black Forest or by finding Troll Caves.
  • Iron: Iron is the processed version of scrap iron. You can acquire iron by mining muddy scrap piles in the sunken crypts in the swamp. Simply put the scrap iron in a smelter, once you have found Surtling cores, and you will get processed Iron. Check out this helpful guide to getting Iron.
  • Ancient bark: You can find ancient bark in the swamp by cutting down ancient trees. Simply enough. You will probably need to cut down around 2-3 trees.

Thus ends the list! That was three powerful weapons that you can craft in Valheim. Whilst they aren’t the best weapons in the game, at the time when you can craft them, make them for yourself and see how they work out. Everybody has different tastes and prefers certain weapon types. What’s your favorite weapon in Valheim? How are you enjoying the Viking experience so far? Let me know in the comments below.

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