How to Drill Planks in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is a post-apocalyptic RPG which features a deep crafting system. You can use a variety of different materials and objects found in the world to create new usable items. One of the most simple crafting recipes involved drilling a plank. This guide will show you more about that.

What Does Drill Plank Mean in Project Zomboid?

In Project Zomboid, you may have noticed the option to Drill Plank in the crafting menu. If your character has acquired a plank or wooden log and has a tool to drill, they will be able to drill the plank. Drilling the plank means to make a hole within in. This will then become a Notched Wooden Plank. This Notched Wooden Plank is then useful for other crafting recipes where you would need a plank with a hole in it.

In Project Zomboid, the Notched Wooden Plank is useful for starting fires. The idea is that you can use friction within the hole of the plank to start a fire. If you can’t find a lighter or matches within the world of Project Zomboid, drilling a plank may be your best bet. Wooden planks can be created from chopping trees into logs and sawing logs.

How to Drill Planks in Project Zomboid

In order to drill planks in Project Zomboid you will need two things: A wooden plank and a tool to create a hole in the plank. To start crating a Notched plank, open up the crafting menu. To do this, select the icon on the top right with the Hammer and L-shaped ruler. Now, go over to the General tab at the top. You can search for the words Drill Plank in the search bar or just scroll until you find it.

Crafting a notched wooden plank by using the drill plank crafting action in Project Zomboid
You can drill planks through the crafting meni

As you can see in the image above, you will first need a plank. Items that can be used to drill a hole in the plank include a; Screwdriver, Stone Knife, Bread Knife, Butter Knife, Chipped Stone, Hunting Knife, Kitchen Knife.

Drilled Plank Uses

The knife will not be consumed after you craft this notched wooden plank. Only the plank will be changed into the Notched version. Now that we have a drilled plank, we can light a fire using this and a stick together. Make a campfire first and then right-click on the fireplace. (Make sure to put fuel in it first!) Now, you can select the option, Light Fire and further, Notched Wooden Plank + Sturdy Stick.

Lighting a fire using a drilled plank and a stick in Project Zomboid Build 41
You can rub a notched plank and sticks together to create fire!

You may have to try multiple times and with multiple sticks. But sure enough, you will have a lit fireplace! Now that you have a fire you can use it for many useful things including boiling water or disposing or corpses.

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