Rimworld Ideology Release Date Announced!

Rimworld fans around the world can finally start getting pumped for Rimworld’s latest expansion Ideology. The official release date for the DLC has been announced today and we won’t have to wait very long at all to get our hands on it!

When is the Rimworld Ideology Release Date?

Rimworld’s Ideology expansion will officially launch on Steam on July 20th. This news was release today (18th of July) and the official announcement can be seen here. The post doesn’t go into specifics about the exact time of the launch so all of you eager war-criminals are just going to have to wait!

The announcement of the Rimworld ideology release date

As with all other news on the game, the announcement was made through the Steam News feed. Ludeon employee Tia, has been talking about some of the features in previous posts that can be found in this new expansion for an already incredible game.

Rimworld Ideology Features

As explained over 3 separate updates, Rimworld’s second official expansion, Ideology will add a ton of new content. This will be content particularly aimed at social roles and specialization to your colony. With the new expansion, you will be able to set up different beliefs and rituals for your colonies. For example, perhaps your colony treats trees as sacred and will never wish to cut them down. Perhaps you will be a tribe of savage cannibals, performing sacrifices to your chosen gods. Ideology will expand the story-telling and roleplay aspect of Rimworld and allow the player to further develop and shape the story they have in mind.

One excerpt from this news post, Tia explains an interesting piece of information about the leader role that can play a big part of your colony. Read the quote below.

The leader role can only be assigned to one colonist. Leaders give inspirational speeches, buff combat allies around them, encourage harder work, and play a special role in some rituals. They can even accuse prisoners or colonists of crimes. If they successfully prosecute the defendant in a trial you can punish the accused without social consequence. (Whether the accusations are true or false is up to you.)

Coming from someone who always seems to have that one special colonist in every playthough, I couldn’t be more pumped for Ideology to launch. Expect more content on Ideology in the coming days!


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