How to Get a Sledgehammer in Project Zomboid

One of the best mechanics in the game of Project Zomboid is the ability to destroy walls and items. Using the sledgehammer tool the player is able to break down walls of any existing structure to get through. Using this, you can extend your house or even get into previously inaccessible areas. For example, you can go from storage unit to storage unit by breaking down the walls.

I’ve previously covered how to break down walls and stairs in Project Zomboid. To do this, the player needs to have access to a sledgehammer. This guide will show you the best places that you can loot a sledgehammer of your own and start smashing down walls.

What Is the Sledgehammer Used For?

The sledgehammer is one of the most versatile tools in Project Zomboid. First of all, the sledgehammer makes a deadly melee weapon. As a two-handed blunt weapon, you are able to smash in some zombie heads with this weapon. It makes a very formidable melee weapon. In fact, with just a couple of hits you can generally take down a zombie. That being said, you will use a lot of energy swinging that big hammer around.

The two variants of sledgehammer in Project Zomboid
There are two different color variants of the sledgehammer in-game

As aforementioned another use of the sledgehammer is to break down walls and objects. By equipping the sledgehammer and right-clicking a wall you can have your character destroy it. This can help you get into locked rooms or even break down a house. As with everything in Project Zomboid, let your creativity run wild!

Where to Find a Sledgehammer in Project Zomboid

The loot system in Project Zomboid is fairly simple. Items will spawn in areas where they are likely to spawn in real life. For example, you can expect to find guns at the gun shop or in police stations. Likewise, all tool related items have a better chance at spawning in warehouse crates and in sheds of houses. The sledgehammer is no exception to this rule. To find a sledgehammer of your own, some of the best places to search include;

  • Tool shops and Construction yards
  • Warehouses (specifically in the brown crates)
  • Garden sheds
  • Inside supply rooms of houses and commercial buildings
Finding a good sledgehammer spawn location in Project Zomboid
These crates found in warehouses are one of the best places to find a sledgehammer

Among these places, the first place you should try to look is one of the many tool shops scattered across the map. Almost every town has one so you should be okay finding one. You can check out this guide to the Project Zomboid map to figure out where you are in the world. It gives a brief overview of each town on the map.

If you’ve exhausted the tool shops or found yourself outside of a city try to find a warehouse. These large storage facilities often boast many helpful tools including sledgehammers. Once I’ve looked through the tool shops I always go searching for warehouses. Almost always I find a sledgehammer in a warehouse in Project Zomboid.

Spawning a Sledgehammer Through Cheats

If all else fails and you really can’t find a sledgehammer you can always cheat to find one! Through the debug menu you can find the item spawner which will allow you to give your character any item in the game. Check out this guide to find out how you can do that!


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