How to Get Feathers in Valheim

Feathers are one of the materials that the player can collect while exploring the world of Valheim. This post will tell the player everything they need to know about getting feathers, what they can be used for and your best method of farming feathers in Valheim.


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What Are Feathers?

How to Get Feathers

Looting From Birds
Looting From Chests

Uses For Feathers


What Are Feathers?

Feathers in Valheim, resemble feathers in real life. They are the parts of birds attached to the outside of the animal. These can be looted from birds in the game as well.

The in-game tooltip for feathers in Valheim
The in-game tooltip for feathers

The in-game tool-tip for feathers reads ‘A small pile of feathers.’ Feathers can be found in a few different ways in Valheim. We will go through some of the methods and best ways to get feathers below.

How to Get Feathers

There are a few different ways to get feathers. You can get them as either a drop for certain creatures or you can loot them in parts of the Valheim world. We will go through the places you can get feathers and some tips on how to locate them below.

Getting Feathers as Loot From Birds

Seagulls are the best way to get feathers in Valheim
The seagull, a coastal bird, will drop feathers when defeated

There are two different types of birds that drop feathers in Valheim when defeated. The first of which is the seagull. When the player defeats a seagull they will earn themselves 3-4 feathers. Seagulls can be found near the coast and will occasionally land making them an easy target for bows. You shouldn’t try to waste time shooting them out of the air as you will probably waste a lot of arrows that way.

Seagulls have next to no health and 1 hit from any weapon, including fists will take them down. The best way to take down seagulls and get feathers early in the game is to craft a bow and shoot them with a wooden arrow.

The best way to find seagulls is to go out on a coastal area when there is a storm. Seagulls will generally try to land when it is raining or storming. This is a great chance to get a load of feathers as they will stay on the ground for longer periods of time during a storm.

If you want to get a lot of feathers without wasting arrows you can craft yourself an Abyssal Harpoon. With the harpoon you can generally hook onto enemies and creatures in order to pull them around. The harpoon does a small amount of damage which is enough to defeat birds. You can use the harpoon to get birds and not waste arrows.

Killing ravens to get features as loot in Valheim
Ravens appear near crypts in the Black Forest

Another bird that drops feathers as loot is the raven. These birds are generally found in the Black Forest when the player is exploring crypts. They will fly around crypts and occasionally land near them in an effort to guide the player towards them.

These birds can be defeated the same way as seagulls by using a bow or harpoon. Although they are harder to find than seagulls and generally less in number, then will eventually respawn at the crypts after a day or so, making them a reliable source of feathers if you can come back and find them.

Looting Feathers From Chests

The other way that the player can find feathers is by looting them from chests in different locations. You can find random loot chests in dungeons like the crypts in the Black Forest and random structures.

Looting lots of feathers from a chest in the black forest in valheim
A random loot chest in the black forest containing feathers

In the random structures such as worn down houses and small old castles the player may find loot chests. See the image above for an idea of what that might look like. When the chests in these structures are looted feathers are one of the possible loot items that the player may be able to take.

You can only find feathers as loot items in the black forest and meadows so you shouldn’t go looking in sunken crypts for feathers.

What are Feathers Used For in Valheim

Feathers have a variety of different uses in Valheim. one of the main uses for feathers is to craft arrows with. Most of the arrow types available to craft in the game use feathers as crafting materials. Arrows are also used in the crafting or weaponry and furniture too! Check out the list below to see some of the things that you can craft with feathers in Valheim. This list is subject to change as the game develops further.

Crafting menu for poison arrows in Valheim
The poison arrow is one of the items that can be crafted using feathers in Valheim


  • Bronzehead Arrow
  • Fire Arrow
  • Flinthead Arrow
  • Frost Arrow
  • Ironhead Arrow
  • Needle Arrow
  • Obsidian Arrow
  • Poison Arrow
  • Silverhead Arrow


  • Huntsman Bow


  • Dragon Bed

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