How to Get Gold in Cryofall

Throughout history gold has been an indicator of wealth. This is absolutely no different in survival colony simulator Cryofall. Gold is one of the resources that you are able to find, process and craft with. But where can you get gold in Cryofall. What can you craft with it? Read on.

What is Gold?

Gold, in Cryofall is just one of the resources available to the player. Gold exists in two forms, Gold Nuggets and Gold Ingots. The latter of which, is used in crafting. Gold nuggets are the base of gold in Cryofall. This is the item that you will find out in the world through the means listed further in the page. Using the furnace production facility you will be able to process these nuggets into ingots. These gold ingots can than be used in a variety of different crafting recipes within the game.

The gold nuggets in-game description from cryofall
The in-game description for gold ingot in Cryofall

Gold nuggets have to further crafting recipes beyond gold ingot. Their only purpose it to be turned into ingots and then crafted with. This is similar to other metals in the game such as copper and iron. Gold is a rare, expensive material. Just as in real life

How to Get Gold in Cryofall

Figuring out how to get gold is pretty difficult in Cryofall. In fact you may already have some from playing passively. You may not even know where it came from. you can get gold in Cryofall from just about every mineral rock in the game. Every time you mine one of the resources there’s a small change you will gain some gold nuggets. This includes resources like the copper ore and coal ore rocks. There is currently a 1 in 50 change to find gold nuggets this way.

There is also a smaller change that you can get some gold nuggets from salt, clay and sand resources. This chance is 1 in 100. The best way that you can get gold is by competing in one of the world events in Cryofall. The easiest way you can get gold nuggets is by mining an asteroid during the meteorite world event.

Getting Gold From the Meteorite World Event

Every now and then you’ve probably seen a world event pop up on the screen. These events can be anything from unique hunting opportunities to scavenging rare items. One such event is the meteorite event in which there will be meteorites randomly scattered in areas. you can go to these areas and mine these meteorites with a pickaxe.

Digging a meteorite in Cryofall to get gold nuggets
These meteorites always have gold nuggets in them

Head to the area marked on the map when this event occurs. There will only be some specific areas on the map where this takes place. You will have to search the radius for the meteorite as seen above. The meteorites always have Iron ore Concentrate, copper ore concentrate and gold nuggets in them. Simply find them and mine them to get your minerals. This is the best way to get gold nuggets in the game.

Getting Gold From the Pragmium Queen

Another way that you can get gold is by defeating the Pragmium Queen. This is another world event in which a large boss creature is spawned at the north east side of the map. If you and your team manage to beat this boss then you will be awarded with some gold nuggets for your trouble. Be aware this is a very difficult task though and should only be attempted if you have a lot of firepower and are around tier 4. The more players you bring the better.

Fighting the pragmium queen using pragmium armor in Cryofall
The Pragmium Queen is extremely difficult to beat unprepared

What is Gold Used for in Cryofall?

Gold is known as a late game item in Cryofall. You won’t really need to craft with gold until very late on. In fact, most of the recipes which include gold are more for aesthetic purposes. First, you’ll have to craft gold ingots in a furnace. You will need 10 gold nuggets, 25 salt and 10 potassium nitrate for every gold ingot you wish to craft. You will have to wait 5 minutes for every gold ingot to finish being smelted.

Creating a gold ingot in a forge in Cryofall
You’ll need salt and potassium nitrate to create ingots

Once you have some gold ingots you are ready to get crafting! There are two main things that gold ingots are used for in Cryofall. These are for creating gold coins to trade with players, and for creating high tech components. The coins are fairly self-explanatory. You can use coins to trade with other players in their trading stations. High-tech components are used in the crafting of many late-game complex devices. There are a couple of other things that gold is useful for as well.

Creating Fine Jewelry Items

If you open up the technologies tab with the G key you can see all the technologies that can be unlocked. Check under the tier 4 category. Now head over to Jewelry. Here you will find many items which use gold ingots as part of their crafting. You will find most of the items here are aesthetic meaning they don’t have any real usage.

Crafting jewelry with gold in Cryofall
You can unlock and create beautiful golden items

The gold armors don’t really offer any great protective benefits. Even some of the earliest leather armors offer better protection! You can also see some random furniture pieces here. The gold piles and golden statue are just decorations. They don’t serve any other purpose in Cryofall.


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