How to Get Rid of a Bounty in Kenshi

In sandbox cRPG Kenshi, you will explore a post-apocalyptic world with your team of characters. Although the world may be in ruins there are still many major factions present in the world with their own laws and expectations. If the player breaks and of these rules, they will have to suffer the consequences. By breaking local laws in Kenshi, your character may get a bounty on their head.

If your character has a bounty they will become wanted by whichever faction they did the crime in. This means they may become hostile and capture the player. This guide will show you how to get rid of bounties on your character, so you can try to survive a bit longer in Kenshi.

How to See your Character’s Bounty

If you are unsure whether your character has a bounty on their head, there is a very simple way to check. Simply left-click on the character you wish to see. If there is a bounty on their head, a small box will appear above their stats on the left side showing what the bounty is and how high the price is.

Checking how long until a bounty expires in Kenshi

You can hover your mouse over this bounty to get more details on it. Here you can see which faction is going to try to claim the bounty, why this character is wanted and whether or not the faction they are currently in is looking for them. If your character has no bounty on their head then there will simply be no pop-up.

How to Get Rid of a Bounty in Kenshi

There are a few different ways to get a rid of a bounty in Kenshi. Some of these will depend on how high the bounty is. For example, for every bounty under 10,000 cats, you can simply wait until it expires.

Waiting Out the Bounty

Everything under this level will slowly get less until the bounty disappears for good. A good thing you can do in this case is just purchase a small house within a city and lay low for a while.

Showing how long it takes for a bounty to expire in Kenshi

Alternatively, you can just move to a different faction land for a while. The bounty will eventually disappear. Anything to keep you out of sight of the local authorities.

Serving Time or Paying off Your Bounty

Another thing you can do to get rid of your bounty immediately is to actually turn the character in. It is possible for you to pick up the character with a bounty and take them to a police station. If you speak with the police chief in charge of the station, you can turn them in like a regular bounty.

Get rid of a bounty by turning a friendly squad mate in to the police station and paying for bail in Kenshi

Once you have given them in they will leave your squad and become a prisoner of the police station. You can speak to the police chief once again and select the option “I’m here to bail out a friend.” You should see your squadmate here in the list. You can pay the price to get them back out of prison and thus removing their bounty quickly and easily. Keep in ind the cost to bail them out will be double the bounty price. That being said, you will get the price of the bounty when you turn them in.

Install Surgery to Remove Bounties Mod

There is a popular mod available on the Steam workshop which allows you to use surgeons to remove and bounties in Kenshi. While this isn’t available in the base game it is relatively lore-friendly as it would make sense in the world of Kenshi that you could change your face to escape recognition.

Using surgery to remove high bounties in Kenshi

You can check out the mod which is also available on the Steam Workshop for easy installation here. You will have to find a plastic surgeon within Kenshi and the operation will cost 10,000 cats.


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