How to Heal Your Character in Vampire Survivors

In rogue-lite survival game Vampire Survivors, you will find your character facing off against multiple levels of increasingly difficult enemies. Just trying to stay out of harms way can be enough of a task when your screen is filled to the brim with zombies, skeletons and bats. But what about when you get hit? How do you heal yourself.

In Vampire Survivors there are a few different ways that the player can heal themselves and recover health. This guide will go over some of the ways that you can heal so you can keep your character alive for longer and unlock new levels.

How to Heal In Vampire Survivors: Health Pickups

Whilst roaming around the map you’ve probably already noticed a large amount of items scattered around on the ground. The gems are items that you can pick up to gain experience for your character. As you may have guessed there is also an item that your character can pick you to regain health in the game. To heal your character for 30 hit points in Vampire Survivors, you can pick up the Floor Chicken item as shown in the image below.

Picking up a floor chicken in vampire survivors to heal the character's health

To pick this item up, just run over to it. Your character will immediately take it to them. You will instantly be healed for 30HP. Be sure to only leave it for when you actually need to be healed as your character will pick it up and waste it even if they are at full health.

How to Get a Floor Chicken Health Item

To find one of these health recover items, you can break down the Light Sources. These are the flaming braziers you can see across the map. When you break one of these with any kind of damage, there is a chance that a Floor Chicken will be dropped as a result. Luckily these are fairly common, so try to just smash as many as you can see.

Breaking down a Light Source in Vampire survivors to look for food on the ground

How to Recover Health Passively

Apart from pick-up items which heal the player directly, there are also ways that your player can passively heal in the game. That is to say, they will slowly regain health over time. There are two ways that the player can achieve this. They can;

  • Buy levels in the Recovery Power-Up
  • Pick up and upgrade the Pummarola item

The former method is pretty straight-forward. At the main menu screen, select the green button reading POWER UP. Here you can spend your hard-earned coins on permanent power-ups for all of your characters. The 4th power up is for recovering health passively. Select the power up and then press the BUY button at the bottom of the screen.

Buying the power-up Recovery to get back health in Vampire Survivors

There are 5 levels of the Recover power-up each costing more gold every time. For each level, you character will regain 0.1HP per second. On top of this, you can unlock and use the Pummarola item to gain bonus health recovery.

Unlocking and Using Pummarola

The other way that you can passively heal is by using the Pummarolla weapon/item. This functions almost identical to the Recovery power-up, although it will use one of your weapon slots. You will first have to unlock this item before it can be added to your usual level-up pool. TO unlock this item, you will have to purchase the 4th character Gennaro for 550 coins. Once you have survived for 5 minutes with this character, you will unlock the item.

Finding Pummarola on the ground in vampire survivors to passively heal back character health

This is not the only way to get this weapon however. You can also simply find it lying on the ground in-game, even if you have not unlocked it. If you see a glowing red heart on the ground, you can walk up to it and pick it up. It can rarely be found in the small squares surrounded by flowers.

These were some of the ways you can heal in Vampire Survivors. Do you have any other tips or tricks regarding Vampire Survivors? Drop a comment down below.


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