How to Heal Settlers and Treat Injuries in Going Medieval

In Going Medieval injuries and illnesses are unavoidable. in a game where raiders are constantly at your doorstep you are going to get in a few scraps. Luckily for you settlers that cut or bruise is not going to be their end. That is, if you can manage their injuries. This guide will show you how to heal and treat your settlers when they sustain damage in battle or in daily life.

How to Heal Settlers

To heal a settler you must first get them onto a bed. You can do this by telling them to prioritize convalesce (resting). As long as that is their top priority they will seek a free bed to rest at. Now, either make the Tend job a top priority for one of your medically skilled settlers. Alternatively you can quickly have them heal an injured settler by selecting your ‘doctor’ and then right-clicking the injured settler. These steps will be repeated and explained below for those that are still having trouble figuring it out.

Forcing an Injured Settler to Rest

One of the important mechanics to figure out in Going Medieval is the jobs priority system. By opening up the Jobs menu you can see which tasks each settler is assigned to. You can also see the levels in which they prioritize each job. 1 treats the job as the most important whereas 5 is the least important. If all of the jobs are at the same level, they will be prioritized left to right. An injured settler can only be tended to is they are in a bed resting. To force them to rest, set the Convalesce job to very important. (set it to 1) This will make sure they do it before anything else.

Changing the Convalesce job priority in Going Medieval
Your settlers will take job priority very seriously even if it is bad for them

Once the settler has finished their current job they will go to a free bed to rest. Ensure there is a bed available for them to go to, otherwise they cannot be healed. If you want them to immediately go to a bed to be healed, draft and then undraft them. This will clear their job queue. Now we can have a settler come and heal them.

How to Heal a Settler in Going Medieval

In the best case you have at least one settler who is decent at medical treatments. If you have not touched the jobs screen since you started the game, someone will immediately come and treat the injured settler. That is unless they are sleeping. This is because Tend is the highest priority job in the list. If you want to manually ask someone to tend the injured person you can do that as well. This is important is the settler has critical injuries, or the settlers are asleep and will not wake up to treat wounds.

Having a doctor prioritize healing wounds in Going Medieval to heal a settler
You can have a settler’s wounds immediately healed by right-clicking them

To have one of your settlers immediately come and heal the wounds of another, select them from the settler list on the top right. Now with the doctor settler selected, find the injured settler resting in a bed. Right-click on the injured settler and you will see the Actions menu appear. Here, select the option Prioritise tending wounds. The settler you have selected will immediately come and start tending to the injured settler’s injuries. If you have any healing products available like herbs, they will go and collect them first. They will not treat the injured person.

Settler wounds need tending!

If you can still see the message at the top of the screen then a settler in the colony still has some type of injury. This message will onlyappear if there is still an injury somewhere. Generally when you put your mouse over the message it will give you some more information on a message. The settler wounds need tending message in Going Medieval is no exception.

Settler wounds need tending alert message in Going Medieval
This message will appear when there are untreated wounds in one of your settlers

As you can see in the image above, the message gives a short guide on how to treat the injuries. As I explained earlier, you can only tend the injuries of an injured settler if they are on a bed.

Treating Unconscious Settlers

If the colonist becomes unconscious due to the injuries they sustained, you can have another colonist bring them to a bed. This is done the same way as with the prioritizing medical treatment. Select another colonist and right-click on the unconscious settler. Now, select the option to take them to a bed.

How to See Health Information for a Settler

It can also be a good idea to see specific health information on a settler. Using the settler’s health tab you can see exactly what is going on with their injuries. This can be very important if you have multiple injured settlers and want to find out who to treat first. To see specific injuries, select a colonist and in the little menu that appears, select the health option. This is the little Plus sign you can see in the image below.

The health menu of an injured settler
The health tab of each settler gives specific information about their injuries

In this menu, you can see a breakdown of all of the injuries that are plaguing the settler and see how they are affecting them. If you put your mouse over each injury, a popup will tell you how it affects things like work speed, walk speed and how much pain they are suffering as a result. This will also who you how long until that injury is healed.


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