How to Increase Your Party Size in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord

In Mount and Blade: Bannerlord you will lead a party full of troops of your choosing. You can mix and match with different combinations of cavalry, ranged troops and of course infantry. You cannot just keep recruiting troops forever though. There are limits to how many units you can have in your party. This guide will show you how to increase your party size so that you can lead more troops into battle.

Through the upgrading of clan levels, perks and other features in the game you can increase your party size limit.

Increase Party Limit Through Stewardship Skill

One of the most obvious ways that you can increase your party size limit is by leveling up the stewardship skill. Stewardship is one of the many different skills that can be raised to improve your character. Leveling up Stewardship will have an immediate effect on your party size limit in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord. You can view what effect this skill is having on your party size by checking it out on the Character skill screen. To view this, press the C key.

Levelling up the Steward skill in Bannerlord to increase the party limit size

Once you select the Steward skill you can see at the top of the screen how much this skill is increasing your party size by. At level 10 in Steward, the increase to the party size limit is 2.5. As you increase your skill in Steward this number will rise and eventually you will be able to control many more troops.

Some of the ways that you can increase your steward skill are:

  • Having a large variety of different foods in your inventory for the party to eat
  • Building new projects at any settlement you own
  • Having a high settlement prosperity at any fiefs

Obviously along with these things, you will level up Steward much faster if you have put some of your Focus points into both Intelligence and into the Steward skill.

Increase Party Size Through Perks

Along with just leveling up the Steward skill there are a number of different perks throughout the 18 skills which can increase your party size. I will include a list of these perks below with their respective skill as well.

  • Prestige: +15 (One-Handed 250)
  • Hope: +5 (Two-Handed 175)
  • Merry Men: +5 (Bow 100)
  • Having Going: +5 (Athletics 75)
  • Mounted Scouts: +5 (Scouting 150)
  • Horde Leader: +10 (Tactics 75)
  • Authority: +5 (Leadership 75)
  • Leader of the Masses: +5 for each town controlled (Leadership 125)
  • Uplifting Spirit: +10 (Leadership 175)
  • Ultimate Leader: +1 for every point over 250 (Leadership 250)
Increasing the party limit through perks in mount and blade bannerlord
Prestige is one of the perks which can increase your party size

One of the strangest things about the perks system is that although raising your level in Steward will raise your maximum party size, there aren’t actually any perks within this skill that affect your party size. Leadership has the most perks that will raise your party size and by going over level 250, you will gain 1 extra unit per level.

Raising Your Clan Level

Another mechanic within Bannerlord that can dictate your party size limit is your character’s clan level. The clan level increases every now and then when your character gains a lot of renown. Other parties within your clan will also be able to gain renown for the clan too. Along with raising your companion limit, each clan level will add an additional 15 units to your party level.

Growing the party size by raising your clan level in Bannerlord
Raising your clan level will allow you to lead more troops into battle

This clan level will not only raise your party size however, this will also raise the party size for every party in your clan. This means that any companions that you have leading armies or any family member that will lead their own party will also benefit from this growth. To raise your renown to have this clan level raised. You can get renown easily by winning tournaments or doing quests for towns and villages.


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