How to Light a Fire in Valheim

Having a campfire nearby is one of the requirements the player needs to fulfil in order to set their spawn point or sleep in a bed is to have a lit fire burning nearby. A fire burning in a nearby radius is important for sleeping as well as cooking simple meat by using a cooking station. If you are having trouble with trying to light a campfire in Valheim we are here to help.

How to Build a Campfire

The first thing you are going to need to do in order to have one burning is to build one. To build a campfire, you will have to first craft yourself a Hammer. The Hammer tool is used to not only build items like the campfire or crafting stations, but also in the construction of shelters and buildings. It is one of the most important tools you will have at your disposal, and probably the first non-combat related things you will be crafting.

Once you have a hammer you can equip it by right-clicking the item while it is in your inventory or by assigning it to one of the quick bar numbered slots at the top of your inventory. You will then just have to press the corresponding number to that slot in order to equip the item. With the hammer equipped you can press the right-click button in order to open up the build menu. Here, you can see a list of all of the different items that are available to create. By finding new and different resources in Valheim you will unlock more structures and items available to you.

The hammer controls for valheim
The different controls available to the player whilst a hammer is equipped.

To build yourself a campfire you will need to collect 5 units of stone and 2 units of wood. Stone can be collected simply from the ground by interacting with smaller rocks, and wood by selecting fallen brandes of destroying trees.

Once you have the required materials you can put your campfire down only on the ground. Campfires cannot be build on top of wooden flooring. Once you have the campfire down it should automatically be lit. Keep in mind that if you plan on building a campfire indoors you will have to have somewhere for the smoke to go. Smoke inhalation can hurt and eventually kill the player. You will have to build a chimney for the smoke indoors.

How to Keep a Campfire Lit in Valheim

There are a few different reason that a fire might go out in Valheim. One of the first things that might happen is that the fire goes out because you have ran out of wood. Check the fire and make sure there is wood in it, otherwise, with wood in your inventory simply interact with the campfire in order to get it burning again.

Another reason a fire might go out is because of the rain. If the campfire is left outside exposed to the elements and the rain is putting it out. If it is raining you will have to build a roof over the campfire to keep it burning through poor weather. Build up some sort of structure, or simply some wooden poles and a roof over the top. Building a small roof area over your campfire, or keeping it indoors, will ensure that you have a fire that is always burning when you want to sleep.

A campfire providing light and heat in Valheim

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