How to Move Furniture and Items in Valheim

Unhappy with the way your base as been set out in Valheim? Maybe you need to make room for those new trophies you want to hang on the wall. Figuring out how to move furniture may be pretty difficult at first in Valheim as there isn’t really a tutorial on it at all. Luckily I am here to show you exactly how to move furniture without wasting any resources in the game.

Tools for Moving Furniture

To move furniture in Valheim you are going to have to first get ahold of a tool called the Hammer. The hammer is the tool that is used for basically all furniture and structure building in Valheim. By using this, you will be able to create items, repair items and also remove them to be relocated somewhere else.

The in-game description for the hammer in Valheim

How to Move Furniture in Valheim

Now once we have the hammer equipped we can move the furniture that we have to a different spot altogether. First, find the furniture that you want to move. Put the hammer into repair mode, by selecting it through the hammer’s right-click menu. Now, highlight the selected piece of furniture you want to move and repair it do that it is at it’s maximum health. If you break down an item while it is not at maximum health you may waste some materials.

Highlight the furniture with the Hammer to move it

Once you have the item highlighted and at full health you will have to break it down. Don’t worry the resources you used to build the item won’t be wasted! in Valheim you can build and break down items with absolutely no cost to materials. Day if you build a wall that costs 2 wood, when you break it back down you will receive 2 wood back again.

Using the middle mouse button as shown in the control UI at the bottom of the screen, you can break down the item. Make sure you have enough room in you inventory to pick the items back up. In this example I will be moving my Raven Throne from where it currently is next to my fireplace. You will see the items fall onto the ground ready to get again. In the image below, my nails and fine wood are returned to me.

Raven throne destroyed by hammer
Broken down furniture to be built back up!

Now, once you have destroyed the item you have gotten the materials back into your inventory. Keep in mind you can destroy anything that you have built and move it the same way. Even ships and crafting benches. You cannot move an item or furniture per say, but you will have to break it down and then build it back up somewhere else.

Now once I have the materials returned to me to build a new throne I will go to the location where I want it and place it back down. Open up the build menu again by using the second mouse button, or right-click button. Now it’s time to find a more permanent spot for your furniture, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of moving it again. Find a place, rotate the furniture using the scroll function on your mouse and place it down.

Furniture being moved to a better spot in the Valheim build

The final step in this moving furniture guide to Valheim? Enjoy your new spot. Remember you can break down and rebuild anything in Valheim without wasting any materials. This is a really refreshing take on building in a survival game and is leading to some really create builds over on the Valheim subreddit.

Moving furniture in Valheim. A better place for the raven throne
Enjoying the new spot for my Raven Throne. Was a little too hot with my back to the fire

I hope this guide has helped you learn how to move furniture in Valheim! Now you can finally design your base exactly the way you want it!

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