How to Remove Floors in Necesse

In Necesse you have a vast range of different building and customization options. From walls to furniture and flooring, you can build the house of your dreams. But what about when you change your mind and want to place something else down? Luckily, you can remove floors in Necesse with the help of one specific tool!

Removing Floors in Necesse

Have you placed down flooring for a house in Necesse but have changed your mind and want to place down another? Unfortunately once you have placed down one type of floor, you cannot place another over the top of it. Luckily, you can remove the old flooring to make room for the new! To do this you can use the shovel tool.

Removing floor tiles in Necesse using a shovel tool

To remove a floor piece, simply equip the shovel and use the left-mouse button on the floor you wish to remove. You may have to hold it down for a few seconds. You can only remove floor that you have placed down on the ground. You cannot remove the floor from dungeons or areas that are pre-built by the game.

How to Craft a Shovel

You will have to craft the shovel tool first before you can use it to pick up floors. This item cannot be found as loot in the game. Luckily, shovels are quite easy to craft. You can craft one right from the beginning of the game by just using wood. As you progress through the game you can use better materials such as metal, to craft even better shovels.

To craft a Wood Shovel, (the most basic shovel) first craft yourself a workstation. This can be crafted using 10 wood log in your inventory. Place it down and right-click the workstation to use it. You can now craft a wood shovel by finding the recipe in the workstation. You will need 8 Wood Log to craft a shovel.

Crafting a shovel so that floor pieces can be removed in Necesse

Simply select the wooden shovel to instantly craft it. Now that you have a shovel, you can equip it into your hot-bar at the bottom of the inventory. Scroll over to this tool and you can use it to remove floor tiles in your settlement or anywhere in the world!


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