How to Get a Mount in Necesse

Necesse is a sandbox adventure RPG in which you can craft an equip a variety of different weapons and armors. Another item which you can use which change the way you move are mounts. Mounts are items that your character can equip to change the way you move.

This guide will show you how to get a mount, how to equip mounts and show a list of all the mounts you can get in the game.

Which Mounts Can Be Found in Necesse?

There are a few different types of mounts that can be found in Necesse. in general, mounts won’t be super useful apart from two of them. Currently in the game, there are four different types of mounts. There are:

  • The Ostrich
  • Hoverboard
  • Boats
  • Jumping Ball

All of these four types of mount can be obtained in Necesse. As you can probably tell the boat mount will make it possible to travel over water at a decent speed. The ostrich is a land-based mount that can move slightly faster than the player. This does not take into account and potions or other speed boosts however. The ostrich has a base speed.

A player riding a jumping ball in necesse
The jumping ball mount

The Hoverboard is a later mount which can be obtained as a quests reward by following the quests given to the player by the town elder. The Jumping ball is mostly a cosmetic mount as it doesn’t really provide any speed boost to the player.

Equipping Mounts to the Character

In order to use a mount you will first have to equip it to your character. Just like a piece of armor, a mount item can be equipped to a character for easy use. If you open up your inventory using the E key, you will see on the left-hand side your character’s equips. On the bottom right of your character’s equip menu, there is a slot where you can place your mounts. You can see this in the image below.

Showing the mount slot in Necesse in the player's inventory
Mounts can be equipped here

Once your mounts have been equipped to this area on your character, you can use the F key to quickly equip and unequip them.

How to Get Mounts in Necesse

Depending on the type of mount you with to get, you can get one rather fast in the game. This section will break down all of the mounts and show you exactly how to get them. Some will be items that are equipped into the mount slots and some are items that can be given to the player or bought.

Getting A Boat

The easiest mount that you can get in Necesse is the boat. The boat allows the player to travel across water quicker than swimming. The player is able to craft their own wooden boat right from the beginning of the game. To do this, open up the inventory panel using the E key.

With the inventory open, you can see the recipes you can make in your hands on the right hand side. This is the crafting panel. You can find the wood boat available to craft from here. To craft the wooden boat you will need to collect 8 wooden logs of any type. These can be collected by cutting down trees.

The wooden boat mount in necesse
Boats make travelling across the sea a breeze

The wood boat can be used by either dragging it out and placing it on the water, or moving it to your character’s mount slot on the bottom right of their equip menu. Once you are in the water with the boat in your mount slot, you can start using it by pressing the F key.

How to Get the Ostrich Mount

One land-based mount that the player can acquire is the ostrich mount. This mount is simply just an ostrich that the player can ride around on. A great on for exploring and escaping enemies, the ostrich mount provides the player with a 40% speed boost.

A player riding a tamed  ostrich in Necesse
It’s possibly to open containers and use weapons whilst mounted on the Ostrich

To get the ostrich mount in Necesse the player will have to defeat an ostrich in battle. This is relatively simply considering the ostrich does not actually fight back. You will first have to travel to a desert island and try to look for this animal during the day. It is rather common so there should be one or two spawning on the island. Simply chase them and do damage until they have perished.

A wild ostrich in Necesse innthe desert island
You will unfortunately have to defeat one of these passive creatures to get it as a mount

The ostrich will drop an item called the Inefficient Feather. You can also buy this item from any animal keeper you find in villages. To Simply equip this feather to your mount slot and press the F key to ride your ostrich around.

How to Get a Jumping Ball Mount

Once you have set up a settlement in Necesse, from time to time travelling merchants will come to visit your village. These NPCs will bring products that they wish to sell to the town. You can interact with these merchants and buy rare goods from them. If you are lucky, one of the items you can purchase will be the jumping ball. The jumping ball is a bouncy ball that your character can roam around on land on.

They aren’t particularly fast and I haven’t seen any great benefit to using them yet.


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