How to Run/Move Faster in Valheim

There are 2 main ways that you can run faster in Valheim and a few different ways to travel faster in general. You can sprint by holding down the Left Shift key. By training your Run skill you will be able to sprint faster and faster as you gain more levels in the skill. We will go over some of the ways that you can move and explore faster in Valheim in depth below.

Sprinting in Valheim

As aforementioned in the paragraph above, players can make use of the sprint key in order to move significantly faster than jogging. To sprint, hold down the left shift key. While you are sprinting there will be a stamina drain o your character, so naturally the more stamina you have, the longer you will be able to move faster by sprinting. Many players also don’t know that by sheathing the weapon in your hand, you are able to move faster. If you press the R key by default your character will sheath the weapons or put them on their back. This will make you move faster.

a character moving faster by utilizing the sprint function in Valheim
Sprinting is a great way to move quicker over land

Raising the Run Skill Level to Move Faster

There are many different skills available to the player in Valheim. One of these skills determines how fast the player is able to move when they are using the sprint mechanic. By opening up the menu and accessing the skills list by clicking the symbol that looks like triangles stuck together, you can see all the different skills available to you and how much experience you have in each skill. The skill we are looking for is the Run skill.

Looking at the run skill in valheim
The Run skill determines how fast you move and how much stamina you use when sprinting

When you hover over the name of each skill you will be able to see a brief description of each skill. The run skill has a description that reads “Speed and stamina drain when running.” By levelling up this skill you will increase the sprinting speed that your character moves at when the left shift button is held down and reduce the amount of stamina that is used when sprinting.

The way you increase this skill is just by running around. You will get a small amount of run skill whenever you use the sprint function. For a list of all skills and how to train them, check out this guide.

Using a Teleporter to Fast Travel in Valheim

Once you have beaten the first forsaken of the game, Eikthyr, you will unlock the ability to craft an axe that can be used to gather fine wood. By combining 20 Fine Wood, 10 Greydwarf Eye and 2 Surtling Cores the player will be able to create a Portal. By creating 2 portals and linking them together the player will be able to travel between them. There is no limit to how many times the portal can be used and the only restriction in place for fast travelling with portals is that metals cannot be brought through the portal.

Fast Travel in Valheim using the Portal and connecting 2 of them together

To connect 2 portals together you must give them the same name as each other. You can do this by first crafting the portal and then interacting with it using the ‘E’ key by default.

Travel By Boat!

Being a Viking inspired game it would be incredibly strange if it didn’t feature any kind of nautical travel. Luckily you can craft 3 different types of boats to get around in the world of Valheim. As the Valheim map is an archipelago of islands you will need to craft a boat at some point in order to advance in the game. The raft is the first type of sea vessel than can be crafted but players should at least strive towards crafting the first real ship, the Karve, before venturing too far into the depths of the ocean.

Driving the longship in Valheim
Travelling by sea is a great way of moving quickly in Valheim

By travelling in a boat, players can cover a large amount of ground quickly. The fastest vessel currently in the game is the Longship, which can only be build after the Second forsaken, The Elder has been defeated as it relies on obtaining Iron Nails which can only be crafted from processed iron.

Those were the ways that the player can move faster in Valheim. Not only did we cover how to move faster using the sprint, but how to increase your max speed and even fast travel. If you have any more questions or comments about sprinting or using fast travel in Valheim leave a comment down below.

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