The Best Way to Get Fine Wood in Valheim

You will need Fine Wood at some point in your journey in Valheim to advance. It isn’t really explained too well in Valheim how to obtain Fine Wood so we will talk about where you can find it here.
To get Fine Wood you will have to get yourself a Bronze Axe first. Once you have a bronze axe head to the meadows biomes and cut down Birch and Oak trees. Birch trees are the black and white trees and Oak trees are large and dark brown in color. Chop these up and you should have some Fine Wood.

What is Fine Wood?

In Valheim there are different types of wood which have different properties and uses. The first wood you will find in the game which is the most common type is merely called wood. This is used for fires, construction and tools. Once you’ve scrounged together some items and beaten the first boss, you will be able to get some Fine Wood. This is a better quality wood that can be used for more advanced building and crafting items. For example you can make beautiful furniture items like tables and chairs out of fine wood.

Fine wood is also your ticket to getting a better ship. The in-game description for Fine Wood reads, “High quality wood for fine carpentry.”

Where to Get Fine Wood

There are many different types of trees in Valheim and each one drops a different kind of wood. It can be confusing to figure out which trees drop this type of wood at first but at the end of this guide you’ll be a tree and wood master. There are two types of trees that will drop fine wood in Valheim. We will talk about each of them below but bear in mind that you will have to have a Bronze Axe to be able to cut down the trees.

To get the Bronze Axe you will need to find Copper, Tin and Surtling Cores. Check the bottom of this guide for links to help you find these!

Birch Trees

A birch tree in Valheim - A source of fine wood
The birch tree in Valheim

The Birch tree is one of the trees that will drop Fine Wood in Valheim. Birch trees are distinguishable by their white color with black markings. They are generally thinner than the other types of tree and will not take too much effort to cut down. Like all sources of Fine Wood, you will need a Bronze Axe to be able to cut it down. Birch trees are found in the meadows and forest biomes in Valheim.

You may be able to knock down a birch tree but felling other trees on top of it and rolling them down a hill at it. We have done this once before and although it is technically a bit ‘cheesey’ tree gravity is a mechanic in the game and can be used as an alternate, albeit time-consuming, way to get these fine wood trees down.

Oak Trees

An Oak tree in Valheim, a source of fine wood for ship building
The Oak Tree in Valheim

The Oak tree is another type of tree in Valheim which you can cut down to get Fine Wood. To cut down this tree, like the Birch you will have to have access to a Bronze Axe first. The Oak tree is large and thicker than any other tree near the starting areas of the game so it should be easy to fine. Oak trees are very thick and always dark brown in color. They generally have a low canopy with lots of leaves and branches.

Cut down these trees just like any other by hitting them with the Bronze Axe until they fall and cutting up the logs that fall down until they break.

Cutting Down an Oak tree in Valheim to get Fine Wood on the Valheim map

What is Fine Wood Good For?

Fine Wood is useful for many different things in Valheim. You should be obtaining Fine Wood after wood and Core wood. Fine wood has many different uses in Valheim from construction of furniture and your first real ship!

Fine Wood Furniture

Fine Wood is useful for a large variety of furniture in Valheim. Once you pick up your first pieces of Fine Wood you will see a bunch of new items and structures available to craft. Some of these items are furniture items which are available to make from the from the Hammer build menu. Some of the pieces of furniture include stools, chairs, tables and decoration pieces such as the Dragon head Wall piece as seen in the image below. These furniture and decoration items will raise the comfort of the building they are in giving more bonuses to the resting or sleeping player.

Making furniture from fine wood

Building your First Real Ship – The Karve

Look guys let’s face it. The Raft simply sucks. I’ve been trying to make it work but it sucks to drive, the wind is never in my direction and I simply can’t handle how slow it is to paddle. There are no options at all to build on the raft so it has absolutely no storage and being bitten by a leech around 5 times breaks it. So what’s next? The Karve.

The Karve is the second ship you will make in your Viking journey of Valheim. You can make the Karve by gathering 30 Fine Wood, 10 Deer Hide, 20 Resin and 80 Bronze Nails. Gathering these items alone is now small feat but what you get out of it is a great, fast sea faring vessel.

The Karve even has some storage slots in it for brining along some cargo. Check out the hatch on the front half of the boat to store items within the cargo hold of your Karve.

building the second boat, the Karve in Valheim with fine wood

I hope this guide helped you to find and get some Fine Wood in Valheim. I’ll include some helpful links at the bottom of this paragraph which will include some guides to help you get the items necessary for a Bronze Axe. Considering that is the way you will get fine wood I hope that will help you out. If you have any more questions about anything Valheim, drop a comment below. Cheers!

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