How to Wall Jump in Valheim

With a huge variety of different skills, mechanics and controls many players don’t know about some of the features available in the game. One of the features that isn’t mentioned though regular playing of the game is the ability to wall jump in certain situations in order to get higher. If walls are close enough together the player can jump off the side of the wall and even scale vertical walls in Valheim. Check out more below.

What is a Wall-Jump?

A wall jump is the act of being to literally jump off the side of a wall, generally to help the player get a higher elevation. Just as in real life, you can kick off the side of the walls in order to thrust yourself upward. The momentum of the push propels the character generally upwards and away from the wall.

In Valheim, the player can use the space key to jump on flat ground. If the player runs up towards a vertical stone wall and jumps towards it, then jumps again once they are connected to the wall, they will be able to elevate themselves even higher and reach places that they would not think possible.

demonstrating the wall-jump ability in Valheim
Even large walls like this can be scaled using the wall-jump

How to Wall Jump

Jumping off of walls is easy enough in Valheim. There isn’t any special controls or tricks to it. Simply sprint straight up to a wall and jump at it. Once you have connected with the wall keep holding shift to sprint and also mash the jump button. The character should move slowly up the wall with each jump.

Having a high stamina pool is essential to being able to scale higher walls. The higher your stamina, the more jumps you will be able to do and sustain yourself on the wall. This can also be used to scale steep mountain cliffs and get away from enemies to a place where they cannot follow.

Wall jumping works best against natural stone walls, for example as in the image above, I had heightened the terrain using stone and the hoe. You will not be able to wall jump up onto the static trees in the swamp in order to get closer to the guck.

Test out your wall-jumping ability and as everything practice is key. The more you level up your jumping skill, the higher you will be able to jump. Being able to jump higher will mean that it takes less stamina to get to your desired height up on the wall so keep skilling up that jump skill in order to take your wall-jump to the next level!

Eikthyr Forsaken Skill and Wall-Jumping

After defeating Eikthyr, the first forsaken the player will unlock a special power which grants them the ability to use less stamina whilst running and jumping. If the player activates this ability while they are trying to scale a high wall they will obviously be able to make use of the 60%stamina usage decrease to get higher up onto scalable walls. Activate Eikthyr’s forsaken power using F and try it out.

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