The Best Way to Get Flax in Valheim

Flax is a materials that can be found in Fuling camps in the plains in Valheim. You will have to find their camps, explore their farms and take it straight from them in order to first acquire flax. You can then grow flax for yourself.

What is Flax?

Flax is a type of dense organic materials that can be used to craft things in Valheim. Flax is the raw ingredient that can be used to make linen thread. Once turned into linen thread, the material is used in late game armors and some weapons.

Valheim flax tooltip
The in-game tooltip for flax

Flax, in it’s base state is a plant which can be replanted in order to yield more flax. In it’s raw form flax is not used in any kind of crafting or cooking. It is only grown to then be turned into linen thread. The in-game description for flax reads, ‘Unspun fibers from a flax plant.’

Where to Find Flax

Flax, like some other materials in the game can be relatively hard to get your hands on. As with other items, flax is only available in one specific biome in the entire map of Valheim. You can only find flax by going to the plains biome, which can prove very dangerous for the unprepared player.

Getting flax from a Fuling village

The plains are home to the creatures known as Fuling which are some of the toughest non-forsaken enemies in the entire game. Plains is the last biome of the current version of Valheim and it is recommended that the player had been to the mountains and defeated the fourth forsaken, Moder, before venturing into the plains.

You will find flax growing in Fuling villages. Once you have located a small village with many small structures look out for a small farm area. Fuling grow both barley and flax in their villages so if you’re quickly running in to get flax, make sure you are harvesting the correct plant before returning home.

How to Get Flax

There are two main ways that you can get flax in Valheim. To begin with you must naturally find some in the game by checking the location above. You will have to go to a village to steal some. You can also farm the flax you find in order to get more.

Looting Flax

As mentioned above you will have to first get flax by looting some from the Fuling villages. You can loot one piece if you plant on farming more. Best case, you should just try to get as much flax as possible when you see it. If you aren’t quite powerful enough to defeat all of the Fuling in the area and are playing multiplayer, you can have some of your team lead the Fuling out of the village and somewhere else, while another player sneaks in and steals all of the flax.

In order to get the flax out of the ground and into your inventory you just have to walk up and interact with it. Alternatively, you can just break down adult flax plants with a weapons or tool to harvest them. The secondary attack with the atgeir is great for this. You will get 2 units of flax per adult plant harvested.

Farming and Planting Flax

Once you have obtained your first amount of flax from a village congratulations, you now have an unlimited supply if you are careful. Once looted, flax can be replanted in order to get more flax! By using the cultivator, you can plant your flax to get more. If you plant 1 flax, once the plant matures in a couple of days you will get 2 flax. This means every time you plant a new field of flax you will double your supply! Not bad at all.

“Flax Can’t grow in this environment” fix

flax can't grow in this environment error Valheim
Flax will only grow in the plains

If you are trying to farm your own flax and come across the message, flax can’t grow in this environment I am here to help. Flax can only grow in the plains biome, meaning if you have your mains base in the meadows or black forest you will not be able to grow flax there. Once you have planted flax in an unsuitable environment you unfortunately cannot get it back. You will have have to break it down and the flax will not be returned back to you.

plant flax in the plains in order to double your flax in Valheim
Flax will be healthy and growing when planted in the plains

Luckily flax is able to be brought though a teleporter, so all you’ll have to do is set up a small farming base in the plains and get a couple of teleporters to link it to your main base. A little bit annoying but it is what it is.

What is Flax Used For?

In the current version of the game there is only one use for flax and that is to process it. Flax can be processed at the spinning wheel in order to make Linen Thread. After creating this thread, it can be used in order to make some of the more advanced armor in the game.

process flax at the spinning wheel in valheim to get linen thread
Processing flax at the spinning wheel

You will only be able to craft the spinning wheel once you have defeated the fourth forsaken, Moder. You can read a full guide on how to beat Moder here. Once you have the spinning wheel just go to the input slot and throw the flax in. The spinning wheel functions similar to the charcoal kiln, as you will just throw a bunch of the dame ingredient in and wait for the spinning wheel to process it. There is nothing else you have to do except throw in the flax and wait for linen thread to come out.

That was everything you need to know in order to get flax. Have you gotten to the plains yet and are starting your own flax farm? Comment below your best tips for farming flax!

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