Necesse Settlement Flags Crafting and Usage

In Necesse, one of the key features which drive it apart from other crafting survival games is the ability to have your own settlement. By using Settlement Flags, you can start your own island and populate it with your own settlers.

The first item that you will need to start this journey is the Settlement Flag, a craftable item which will allow you to start a settlement. This guide will show you exactly how to craft a settlement flag and how to use it.

How to Craft a Settlement Flag in Necesse

To craft a settlement flag, you will first have to construct a Workstation. These are pretty easy to make and don’t require anything other than your character to craft. Once you have crafted a Workstation out of 10 wood logs place it down.

Interact with the Workstation to bring up the crafting menu. Here, you are able to craft the Settlement flag. To craft the Settlement Flag, you will need the following items:

  • 50 Stone
  • 10 Gold Bar
  • 1,000 Coins
Crafting a settlement flag in Necesse
Be careful with crafting, you won’t get the items back if you change your mind

Once you have the necessary items click on the flag in the workstation to craft this item. You can then place it into your inventory or place it straight down on the ground. Choose wisely before doing this as you won’t get the items back that you’ve used to craft it.

Now that you have a settlement flag, you can start your very own settlement!

How to Use the Settlement Flag

All you have to do to start your own settlement is place the flag down on the ground. Make sure that the island you are placing it down on isn’t already occupied by another village. To check this, you can press the N key to open up the World Map. You can hover over each island to see what type it is.

Place down the Settlement Flag using the left mouse button. This island will now become your settlement! If it’s the first settlement you have created the NPC Dean the Elder will also appear here to live. It does not matter at all where you place down the flag. The entire area will become your settlement. The settlement options is where you can decided which zones will be allocated to what.

You can now start to build houses for hopeful settlers that you go out into the world to invite to your settlement! You can come back to the settlement flag and use the right mouse button to change some settings in your settlement.

Changing settlement options in Necesse on Steam
By interacting with the settlement flag, you can change work priorities and zones in your settlement

For example, you can view who is settled here, change their work priorities and even change which houses each settler is supposed to be staying at from the Settlement menu. Once you have the flag placed down, you can start to convince other NPCs to join the settlement. This is how you will grow the settlement and automate some tasks in the game.

You can see more information on Settlements on the Necesse wiki.

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