Valheim Cheat – Noclip

Noclip is a popular term in videogames for a cheat that allows the player to fly and go though walls without taking any damage. Whilst there is no cheat command called noclip in Valheim, the player can use cheats to fly around and have themselves take no damage.

We will discuss how to enable ‘noclip’ mode in Valheim below.

Making the Camera Fly With noclip

There is two different ways the player can fly around their view in Valheim. The first way we will discuss is the unlocking of the camera. Using this code will not move the player’s character in any way, just the camera.

Read this guide on unlocking the camera to figure out how to move the camera freely for exploration and screenshots.

Noclip Fly Cheat in Valheim

There is a code that allows the player to fly around the map wherever they want in Valheim. Once the cheats have been enabled in your game via the in-game console the player can type the code “debugmode” in order to enter testing mode reserved for the developers.

enabling debug mode is the first step to using noclip in valheim
Enable the debugmode to fly around

When the message debugmode: TRUE is shown in the console the player will be entered into this testing mode. Once in this mode the player can press the Z key to toggle the ability to fly on and off. This allows the player to noclip around the map of Valheim. To fly faster, you can hold down the shift key, which is by default the sprint key. The player will not consume any stamina to fly around in noclip mode.

noclip flying in Valheim
Flying through the air in ‘noclip’ mode in Valheim

Note that the player can still take damage and die in debugmode. There are some extra cheats available to the player if they wish to become invincible such as god mode and ghost mode.

Check out this handy article to find out more about those cheats.

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