How to Tame Animals in Going Medieval

In Going Medieval you are tasked with running a colony in medieval times, (as the name suggests!). You will need to keep your colonists happy and fed while they brave the elements, raids and other challenges. Whilst Going Medieval can seem simple at first, the game features many complex mechanics. These include a unique building system with stability, temperature systems and a full health and injury system for each of your settlers.

One of the features planned for the game is the ability to tame animals and have them as pets and farm animals.

How to Tame Animals in Going Medieval

Unfortunately at the time of writing there is no way to tame animals to have them join your colony. Animals only currently exist in the game to pose a challenge and be hunted for food. This feature is likely to be added soon as it is available in the official roadmap of the game. Another thing evident to this fact is, in the game there is a skill related to handling animals. This is the Animal Handling skill.

The animal handling skill which relates to taming and training animals in going medieval
The information on the Animal Handling skill gives us a sneak peak into what’s to come

As you can see in the image above, the description for the Animal Handling skill is as follows: Taming, feeding, training and hunting animals. From this description we can guess that there will not only be animals for farming, but also for protection. If the system is anything like Rimworld, we can expect animals to be tamed through a percentage chance system where your settlers will be feeding animals food and based on their skill, the animal will be tamed or not.

So far there has been no details regarding the system announced.

What Animals Exist in The Game and What Can They Do?

So far we’ve only encountered three different types of animals in the game. There are rabbits, deer and wolves as well. So far there hasn’t been an official announcement on which of these animals will be available to be tamed. That is if any of them are at all. The only aggressive animal in the game currently is the wolf. My guess is that you will be able to tame wolves as another method of defense for your colony. Another feature on the roadmap is animal husbandry. This involves caring for animals and breeding them.

I personally expect that before the ability to tame animals in Going Medieval is implemented we will probably see some more types of animals introduced into the game. Animals I would expect to become apart of the game include sheep and cows as they were also a big part of medieval England.

The Going Medieval Roadmap

As Going Medieval is in active development the team has not yet implemented everything they wish. That being said the game is already at a great state and the base mechanics and features are well worth the price. As you can see in the image below there are two items relating to animal taming on the roadmap. There are Animal Husbandry and Taming Wildlife.

Taming animals on the going medieval roadmap
The Roadmap for the Early Access development of Going Medieval

Along with the ability to trade being implemented in the game we can probably expect system of buying and selling animals as well. This could bring rise to new ways of creating wealth, as your colony becomes a hive for breeding and taming animals. Alternatively, this will give you a way of keeping colonists fed. This would be with the inclusion of cows and milk.

Whatever they have planned for Going Medieval, you can expect to see taming animals become a big part of the game. One of my favorite parts of colony games has been the inclusion of wildlife taming and pets. personally, I can’t wait to start taming!

When the system of taming animals become available in Going Medieval, you can expect this page to update with a full guide!


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