How to Get More Settlers in Necesse

Necesse bears a lot of similarities to games like Minecraft and Terraria but one aspect that is unique to Necesse is the ability to start up your own settlement and have NPCs move in. Once you have a bustling settlement running you can use these NPCs to automate a lot of the crafting and collecting tasks to be done in the game.

One thing you will want to do early on is gather as many settlers as you can into your settlement. This guide will show you where to find settlers and how to get them to join in your community.

If you haven;t figured out how to start a settlement yet, you can check out this guide to crafting and using the settlement flag item.

How to Find More Settlers to Join your Colony

Almost any NPC that you find and interact with in Necesse can be asked to join your settlement. That is, the friendly ones anyway. One of the best ways to find more settlers is by going to other towns on the map.

You can open the world map by pressing the N key. Here, you will find information on the surrounding islands close to you. You can also use map items to reveal more information about islands. Open up this map and search for other villages. You can hover your mouse over an island to see what type of island it is.

Discovering a desert Village in Necesse
You can pilfer settlers from other villages

Travel to these villages to find settlers to recruit. All of the villages are friendly by default, apart from pirate villages. Travel here and walk through the island until you come across the village. Here you will find many different NPCs living.

You should also note what type of villager they are. As these jobs around the settlement require a specialist such as fishing or animal husbandry. You will need that specific villages type to do the job. Because that you have now found some villagers that you’d like to bring back, lets move on to recruiting them.

Getting More Settlers to Join you

To recruit new settlers you will just have to talk with them. Start a conversation with them by pressing the right-mouse button on them. The conversation options that appear will depend on the type of villager they are. For example, you can purchase items from fishermen and blacksmiths, but not villagers.

Asking a settler to join your colony in Necesse
Different types of NPCs will have different dialogue options

To ask them to join you, choose the option which reads Will you join my settlement? Depending on the villager, they will ask for some gold and items before joining you. Nothing comes for free in Necesse! Select this option and you will see what they want in exchange for their services. In the image below, you can see that Karl here would like 70 wheat and 89 coins. Luckily, I already have this.

Trading a settlers for some wheat and coins in order for them to join
Everybody has a price

What the settlers want in exchange for them joining you will depend on them. Fishermen will generally want fish and hunters usually want wool and leather. Press the 1 key or click on Accept and the villager will be teleported to your settlement! Now all you have to do is go back and build them a nice house to stay at.

You can only have a maximum of 2 homeless settlers at a time. You are not able to keep recruiting and recruiting. First, go back to the settlement and make them some homes! Alternatively, you could build a whole bunch of houses before you set off on your journey so that new people will immediately have somewhere to stay.

Building Homes for Your New Settlers

Once you’ve got some more settlers to join your colony you are going to have to make a place for them to stay. New settlers will populate any rooms that are currently unoccupied. You can however, build new houses for them and then move them to their new houses.

Every villager requires their own room in the Settlement

Settlers that are homeless will be very unhappy. They won’t do their jobs as well as they should and they will take longer breaks than usual. you should always try to house all of your settlers. To do this, just build a room. Make sure that you place down a bed and some lights in the room, otherwise you won’t be able to use it as a settler house.

Once you have finished constructing the new house, you can change where a settler stays by opening up the settler menu. You can press the C key to open up the Settlement menu. Now, choose the option Settlers and select the option to move settler to another room. You can see this in the image below.

You can change a settlers room in the Settlement management menu

Select the villager and move them into the newly created room. If there is any issue with them being moved there such as; no lights in the room, wrong furniture, details will appear at the bottom left of the screen.

Special Settler Conditions

Some special villagers such as blacksmiths, require certain objects to be placed in their room. For example the blacksmith villager requires an Anvil in their room otherwise they will not move in. You can speak with characters to find out why or why not they are happy and see if you can add things to their room to change that.

You can hold shift on a villagers portrait while in the screen from the image above to see what their room requirements are. Villagers with large, furnished rooms are always happier. Yo

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