How to Summon in Necesse

In Necesse you will have to fight increasingly difficult bosses in your journeys. Although this beautiful procedural generated world may seem peaceful at first, you will soon find out it is anything but. With intense bosses such as the Evil’s Protector or Large save spiders about you may find yourself needing some help. Luckily you can summon some other creatures to help you.

This guide will show you how to summon some of the most basic summons to help you on your journeys in Necesse. Here are the three main parts to this guide:

How to Summon in Necesse

In order to summon a creature to help you in Necesse, you will need to find the specific item that is used to summon them. There are a few different types of summon items. Some of them can be found through traditional looting as you progress through the various biomes and caves. By defeating bosses you can acquire others. This guide will focus on two of the early game summons you can acquire.

Once you have one of these items, simply place it into your quickbar. Once the item is in your quickbar, you can use the left mouse button to summon someone to help you in your battles. Depending on the item you hold, you will summon a different character. These summons will help you by attacking enemies.

A character with two summons in Necesse
These two zombie summons have kept me alive throughout a lot

Summon items have no durability or max uses meaning you can use them forever without breaking. Summons will not be attacked by enemies and won’t take any damage as well. They will try to follow you as much as they can and if they get stuck between walls they will teleport back to the player.

How to Get Summon Items

This part of the guide will focus on how to get these summon weapons. It will focus on the two first summon items that you can obtain. These two are the Brain on a Stick and the Spider Staff. you can read how to get each of these below.

Brain on a Stick

This is one of the easiest summon weapons to get in the game. Unfortunately it is also the weakest. To get this item you simply have to purchase it from a travelling merchant. once you have set up a settlement, merchant NPCs will come to your place looking to sell items. These items are randomized but pretty often they have come to the settlement trying to sell brain on a stick. This is an extremely powerful item to have in the early game as it can give you some early allies.

Buying the brain on a stick item from a merchant to summon zombies in Necesse
Some items can only be purchased from NPCs

The brain on a stick can summon two different types of zombie summon. One is of these is a melee fighter and the other ranged. If you raise your max summons over one, you can use both at the same time.

Spider Staff

The spider staff is a summon weapon that can be crafted by the player. This item is crafted at the Workbench. To craft the spider staff you will need to collect 12 cave spider gland. These can be collected by defeating cave spiders in the regular caves found by travelling down a ladder.

Crafting the spider staff in Necesse at the workbench to spawn spider summons
Cave Spider Glands are easy to get if you have ranged weaponry

This item will summon a small spider to fight by your side. This summon is slightly more powerful than the zombie summon. It is possible to use this with another type of summon if you have the ability to summon more than one creature.

How to Increase Max Summons

In order to increase the maximum amount of summons you can control at one time, you will have to craft yourself a special type of armor. There are a few different armor types at different levels that will allow you to control more summons. Two example of these items are the Spider Helmet which can br crafted at the Workbench using Cave Spider Glands and the Void Mask. This can be created at the demonic workstation using Void Shards and Wool.

using the void mask to increase the max summons in Necesse
The Void Mask allows the player to have two summons at once

Keep in mind that these items that allow you to have more summons are generally weaker that other armor you could have at the same stage of progression. Weigh up your fighting style and decide whether it’s best to have more armor or have an extra summon fighting for you.


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