How to Get Bone Fragments in Valheim

Today we are once again talking Valheim, the sandbox exploration Viking adventure created by developers Iron Gate Studio that is taking the gaming world by storm. With so many different items to craft, build and collect it can all be a little bit overwhelming to players trying to figure out how to find everything. One of the many ingredients that can be used to craft weapons and tools in Valheim is Bone Fragments. These Bone Fragments will be useful for many weapons including upgrading the wooden club early on in the game.

This guide will tell you what Bone Fragments are, what they can be used for and most importantly how you can get lots of Bone Fragments for yourself.

What are Bone Fragments?

As with many of the other useful materials in Valheim, Bone Fragments are a crafting ingredient in lots of different recipes. They are literally fragments of bone which can be found in various locations by the player.

The In-game description for Bone fragments is; “A pile of shattered bones.” Bone fragments can be stacked into amounts of 50 units and each piece weighs 0.5

How to Get Bone Fragments

Bone fragments are great for a lot of different things. You are going to need a good supply of them to create and upgrade some of your gear. There are two main ways of getting Bone fragments in Valheim. You can find Bone fragments in some locations as loot on the ground. You can also get Bone fragments as loot from defeating a certain boney enemy type in the game.

Finding Bone Fragments from Skeletal Remains

Sometimes in your adventures in Valheim you may come across a pile of bones known as Skeletal remains. This functions a lot like branches do for wood. you can interact with these Skeletal remains and you will receive Bone fragments. You can find Skeletal remains mainly in the burial Chambers in the Black Forest biome. Another place they tend to spawn is in front of and inside Troll caves which can also be found in the Black Forest. If you’ve explored enough Burial Chambers you have surely come across some Skeletal remains in some of them.

Interacting with skeletal remains will reward you with bone fragments

Looting Bone Fragments from Fallen Enemies

If you want to get yourself a lot of Bone fragments you’ve going to need to do a lot more than find them on the ground. The best way to get bone fragments is by seeking out and defeating skeleton enemies.

There are a few different types of skeletons in the game and if you aren’t prepared they can really catch you off guard. Lucky you have my insider information. If you have a decent amount of stamina and at least a level 2 wooden shield you should be pretty same from most skeleton attacks. Blunt weapons do critical damage against these enemies and depending on your skill level in clubs they should only take around 5 hits even from a level 1 wooden club. If you have around a level 3 club you will be destroying them very easily.

Skeletons will drop bone fragments when defeated in Valheim

Once defeated Skeletons will drop Bone fragments. If the skeleton has a star next to their name they will drop 2 bone fragments and the higher the level of the enemy the more loot will drop from them. Occasionally they will also drop Skelton trophies.

What Are Bone Fragments Good For?

If you’ve found this guide, you must already have a pretty good reason for wanting to collect bone fragments yourself. Bone fragments are a crafting ingredient used in some armors and weapons in the game. For example in order to craft yourself a Troll Leather Helmet you are going to need 3 Bone fragments along with 5 troll hide.

To craft a troll leather helmet you will need 3 bone fragments and 5 troll hide in valheim

You will not only need the initial 3 Bone fragments however. In order to upgrade items and gear at the workbench you are going to need additional resources. Upgraded gear has better stats so as you progress you will not only want to find new materials and metals to forge yourself new gear, but also upgrade the gear that you have found.

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