How to Get the Fire Sword Dyrnwyn in Valheim

Valheim has a vast variety of different weapons. All of the weapons are classified under different categories for their damage type. For example blunt weapons use the clubs skill and include maces, hammers and clubs. Today we are focusing on swords, in particular the flaming sword called Dyrnwyn.

Flaming Sword Damage and Stats

in-game information for the fire sword, Dyrnwyn in Valheim
The in-game information for Dyrnwyn

It should be no surprise that this sword does fire damage on-hit. The flaming sword, like all other swords deal slashing damage as it’s primary type. The sword has a base flashing value damage of 55. This can be higher depending on the user’s swords skill. The yellow numbers to the right show how much damage the player will do with their current level. Dyrnwyn also does 30 fire damage on hit. This sword and the fire arrow are currently the only two weapons in the game which can cause fire damage. The sword has a base block power of 11 and a parry force of 20. as with the other shield, the sword has a parry bonus of 2x and a backstab bonus of 3x, although it will be harder to sneak with this sword equipped as light is also a factor of detection in Valheim.

The sword is a very strong item and although it cannot be currently crafted in Valheim it is assumed that Flametal bars will be used in the crafting of this item. The item can be repaired at a level 2 forge so it is assumed it is crafted at the forge although this may change at a later date in the game’s development.

The sword also sets enemies on fire on-hit. Great for dealing damage over time in a long fight.

How to Get the Fire Sword, Dyrnwyn

As the sword has not been fully implemented into the game yet the only way that this sword can be accessed is by using console commands to spawn it in. There is not way to craft the sword at the moment.

holding the flaming sword at moder's spawn point in valheim
Moder beware, we have fire!

To spawn in the flaming sword you must first enable cheats in Valheim. To do this, open up the console by pressing the F5 key.

As of patch 0.148.4 you will need to enable the command console from the launch options for the game. For a guide on how to do this, click here.

Now type the code “devcommands” and press enter. You will see a message confirming cheats are enable by the ‘true’ value. Now once again access the console and type in the code “spawn SwordIronFire” in and press enter. The code is case sensitive and will need a space in between the spawn and iron part. Dyrnwyn will then spawn on the ground in front of the player who entered the code.

The fire sword Dyrnwyn is a great source of light in the dark
A light in the dark

The sword can not only be used as a light source, but is a great weapon against foes who are weak against fire damage.

How to Craft the Fire Sword

Unfortunately there is currently no way to get the fire sword in the game. Through multiple testing attempts I have personally not unlocked it. It is believed to be a special loot item dropped from sea serpents but through spawning and defeating multiple serpents I have not managed to get the fire sword as loot. This may just be bad RNG on my part but as far as I can tell it doesn’t drop as sea serpent loot.

I assume, that the sword will be crafted from a material that is known as flametal. You can already get and process flametal in the current version of Valheim, although there is no way to craft the fire sword. Perhaps the other ingredients needed to craft is are still missing. If the player travels south far enough they will come to a biome known as the ashlands where they can harvest the new type of metal. It can be processed in a blast furnace but not used yet. Perhaps you should go get some in preparation for the new update once you have finished your adventure?

You can read a guide on the Ashlands in Valheim here.

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