How to Get Potassium Nitrate in Cryofall

There are many different materials and resources in Cryofall. Each type of item is part of the vast crafting systems that Cryofall offers. This doesn’t just apply to items like weapons and tools. you will have to craft smaller items too. For example, glue which holds materials together in armor. Or, black powder which is used to make ammunition. Potassium Nitrate is one of the chemicals that is used in crafting. How do you get potassium nitrate in Cryofall? Read on.

How to Get Potassium Nitrate

You can get potassium nitrate in Cryofall by mining it. Potassium nitrate is a common resource found in the rocky mountains biome in Cryofall. Head to any rocky mountains and look for a large stone with white flakes on top. You can see the image below. Using any quality of pickaxe, mine the stone by holding the left-mouse button on it. You will get potassium nitrate directly into your inventory from doing this. You can see how much you are getting on the bottom right of the screen.

a player mining potassium nitrate in Cryofall
Potassium Nitrate rocks have small white spikes on them

Acquiring this substance is very easy. Although it may seem fairly easy to get and craft with in the beginning, you will quickly realize you need large amounts to get anything done. Potassium nitrate does not spoil. This means you can store as much as you want in storage without it disappearing.

How to Find Rocky Mountains

If you’ve been playing Cryofall for a little while you’ve probably come across rocky mountains without even realizing. These are the small raised areas on the map. They always have a stone floor and have a few minerals scattered throughout. If you check out your map by using the M key you can see all of the locations on the map you’ve already explored. This will be saved server-side so if you start a new server the map progress will not carry over. You will have to explore the map again.

Finding the rocky mountains biome on the map
The rocky mountains biome is a light brown color on the map in Cryofall

If you have not explored much of the map you can use the following guide to find a close rocky mountains area. Here, you will probably find potassium nitrate.

  • A Guide to The Cryofall Map

Finding potassium nitrate at every rocky mountains is not guaranteed. The resources spawned there are at random so you may get unlucky. Luckily rocky mountains and potassium nitrate in general are pretty common on the map. Search another rocky mountains or wait for the resources to respawn on your closest one.

What is Potassium Nitrate Used for in Cryofall?

This resource has a lot of utility in the game. One of the main things that potassium nitrate is used for is crafting flux powder. By combining sand and potassium nitrate powder at the Chemical laboratory you can create flux powder. This is used in addition to iron and charcoal to create steel. Another one of the most common substances you can create with potassium nitrate is Nitric acid. This nitric acid is then used in a range of different chemical crafting recipes.

Crafting flux powder at the chemical laboratory using potassium nitrate
You can use sand and potassium nitrate to create flux powder at the Chemical laboratory

As you can tell from the craft-able items, potassium nitrate is the base of many crafting recipes. From creating advanced materials using it, to using potassium nitrate in its base form, you can craft a great many different things. Check out the technologies tab for yourself and see where potassium nitrate can come in handy. I guarantee you will want to store up a large supply of it for your future crafting efforts!


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