How to Sit in Valheim

Viking exploration survival game Valheim has been taking the gaming world by storm over the last few weeks. Although it is a great game to play solo, it is best enjoyed with a group of friends in multiplayer. Along with a few other emotes available in the early access of Valheim, sitting is one of the things that is actually important for your journey in Valheim. Here’s why.

What’s the Point of Sitting in Valheim?

Most of the emotes features in the game are simply for interaction in multiplayer. To roleplay and silently communicate with other players. The sit action is a bit of an outlier here as it actually serves a purpose in the game.

If the player is well rested enough near a campfire they will gain a bonus called the rested bonus. While this bonus is active the player will learn skill experience at an increased rate for every single one of their skills. The player will gain experience 50% faster across the board for as long as this bonus remains active. Not bad at all! So what does this have to do with sitting? Well, if you want to have your character rested, the easiest way to do this is by lighting a campfire and sitting down next to it.

Not only will you get a bonus to experience gain, you will also have faster health and stamina regeneration. Not bad!

Seeing the rested and resting bonus effects in-game in Valheim which can be granted through sitting
The Active effects screen which can be seen by selecting the Raven symbol from the TAB menu

Not only will you look cool sitting down, you will get a great bonus to you experience gain! Don’t sit on this tip.

How to Sit on the Ground

You can sit directly on the ground by using the X key on your keyboard by default. As long as you haven’t changed the controls X will have your character sit on the ground.

sitting on the ground animation in valheim
Sitting down on the ground using the X key

Alternatively you can sit down by using an emote command through the in-game chat. To sit using the in-game chat, first open up the chat box by pressing the ENTER key. Once opened type into the chat “/sit”. This will make your character sit down the same way as by using the X hotkey.

How to Sit on Furniture in Your Valheim Base

The furniture is not just for decoration! The chairs and stools you place down can be used to sit down and even increase your comfort level. To sit down on the chairs and stools, craft them and place them down. Once they have found the perfect spot in your base simply walk over to them and select them with the interaction button which is E by default. You should be prompted to do this when you move close enough to the object.

Sit down on the benches in Valheim
Sit down at the table and enjoy a feast with your fellow vikings!

Note that you cannot sit down or interact with any objects while you have the hammer equipped.

By using furniture you can increase your comfort level and thus increase the time that you have the rested bonus active. Each level of comfort prolongs the effects of rested. Check out this guide on how to move your furniture if you found not such a nice spot for it to begin with!

Sitting Down on Boats

You can also sit down on boats which will help you stay on the right side of the sea. On the second and third boats you can craft in the game you will be able to sit on the benches that are available. The Karve has space to seat a few Vikings but those in a large group should think about getting a Longship. There is room for passengers to sit plus the driver.

sit on the longship in Valheim to stay aboard
Sitting on the Longship searching for new lands

That’s all there is to know about sitting down in Valheim. To summarize there are two different ways you can sit down, on furniture or on the ground. Doing both of these things will help you get rested and get the resting bonus. Sit down and relax! It’s going to be a long journey.

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