Necesse Farming Guide – How to Farm

Like in most survival crafting games, Necesse features a mechanic where you can farm and harvest your own crops. Take a step back from adventuring and start setting up a little farm within your settlement.

This guide will show you how to start placing down some farming land, where to find seeds in order to farm and how to grow your own fruits and vegetables. Get that settlement fed. (They can’t just survive on milk!)

Get Started Farming – Crafting and Using Farmland

The first thing you have probably realized is that you just can’t place down seeds anywhere. before you can start growing anything on your farm you will need to create the suitable terrain first. This is called a Farmland tile.

Crafting farmland in Necesse so that we can farm
You will have to craft farmland to grow crops on

To craft a Farmland tile you will have to bring 5 wood logs to a Workstation. Here, you will find the recipe for the farmland. It is advisable to make a whole bunch of them so you can have a large farm going.

Now that you have a few Farmland pieces, you can go and find a nice area where you’d like to grow food. Open up your inventory and find the farmland pieces that you created earlier. Select them and then click anywhere on the map that you’d like to put them down. This position will have to be pretty close to your character to place them down. You can see the GIF below.

A gif showing a player in Necesse farming
Placing down farm is as easy as left-clicking

Now that you’ve placed down your farmland tiles, you can start to plant seeds and grow something!

How to Plant Seeds

First, you’ll want to gather some seeds. You can find seeds randomly as loot underground by using the ladder. Exploring caves underneath the surface is your best bet starting off. Keep looking through chests and breaking barrels until you find some then come back up to start farming!

showing the tomato seeds in Necesse to grow and farm with
There is an assortment of different crops to grow

Once you have some seeds, click on them in your inventory. Now, select the farmland you want to plant and use the left-mouse button to plant the seed. Now you’re farming! All there is left to do now is technically wait. The seed will grow on its own. You don’t have to water anything here!

One thing that you can do to speed up the process of growing plants is to fertilize the crop once it has been planted. By fertilizing the plant it will grow faster than usual.

Making and Using Fertilizer in Necesse

Fertilizer is just one item that can be used to speed up the growth of plants. The item doesn’t have any other uses in the game. To craft your own fertilizer you will need to craft a special piece of furniture called the compost bin.

Crafting a compost bin in Necesse to use for farming
Fertilizer will help speed up your crops growth

You can craft a compost bin at the Workstation by using 20 wood logs and 5 iron bar. Now, place this bin down anywhere. It doesn’t really matter where you place it but it would make the most sense near your farm as that is what it will be used for.

To create fertilizer using the compost bin, all you have to do is deposit some some organic matter into the input (left) side of the bin. This item will slowly break down and compost into fertilizer. Eventually after some time you will see fertilizer appear on the right side of this screen.

Composting blueberries in Necesse to get fertilizer for farming
Compost will take time to develop into fertilizer

It can be a good idea to throw stuff you just want to get rid of in here such as blueberries and tree saplings. Once some compost is ready, you can move it into your inventory and then spread it over your crops. You cannot fertilize a piece of farmland without anything growing on it, so don’t worry about accidentally wasting the fertilizer.

Hold the fertilizer stack in your cursor and then left-click on the crop to place down the fertilizer. Now we just wait until the crops are ready…

Harvesting your Crops

So you’ve waited and waited and your crops are finally ready to harvest! Good things is soon you will be able to cook some nice recipes with them, or eat them raw! To be able to harvest the adult crops you will need another special tool called a sickle.

Showing the sickle tool in Necesseaw
The sickle is great at cutting down mature crops

The sickle is used to cut down plants when they are at the adult stage. It can also be used as a weapon albeit, not a very good one. To craft a sickle you will need to head over to the Anvil with 10 iron bars. Once you have one of these, there’s nothing stopping you becoming the greatest farmer Necesse has ever seen!

A Video Summary of All Farming Actions in Necesse

As usual here is a quick video showing every step of farming in Necesse. It will show you how to place down farmland, plant a seed, compost organic matter and fertilize crop. Of source to finish we will be harvesting a nice cabbage.

A full example on farming in Necesse

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