How to Melt Black Metal Scrap – Valheim

Players who have been lucky to have managed to venture out into the plains and return with their lives in tact may be wondering what to do with their newly acquired black metal scrap. This guide will tell you how to melt black metal scrap down into Black metal bars. How do you smelt black metal in Valheim? Read on.

What is Black Metal Scrap?

Black metal scrap a chunk of black metal which has not yet been processed. There are no crafting recipes in the game which currently use black metal scrap at all. The only thing that this resource is good for is being processed into usable black metal. Think of black metal scrap as the ore version of black metal, much like copper or tin ore.

black metal scrap in-game tooltip
The in-game tooltip for Black metal Scrap

The description for the black metal scrap material in-game is “A twisted hunk of dark metal”. Black metal scrap, like other metal items and ores cannot be brought through a portal and fast-traveled with. Each piece of black metal scrap weighs 10 making it one of the heaviest resources in the game.

How to Get Black Metal Scrap

If you are looking for scrap metal and thinking it will be easy to collect you are in for a surprise. Black metal is the last and most advanced type of metal currently implemented in the game. Black metal is found in the plains biome which houses the current version of the game’s last forsaken enemy, Yagluth. The regular enemies that can be found in the biome drop black scrap upon their defeat. By defeating Fuling of the plains you can amass a good amount of Black Metal scrap. That is providing you can actually defeat them…

finding black metal to smelt in Valheim
On the lookout for black metal scrap in Fuling villages

Another way that you can get black metal scrap is by looting it. Every now and then you will come across Fuling villages and structures. These places will generally have chests that can be looted by the player. More often than not there is black metal scrap to be found within these chests.

Make sure you travel light as you will need a lot of carry weight to bring back any significant amount of black scrap back to your base in order to process it. Speaking of processing the black metal scrap….

How to Smelt/Melt Black Metal Scrap

Black Metal Scrap is the first metal in the game that is actually processed using a different station than the rest of the metals. Up until now, the player is able to smelt all of the metals at the regular smelter. Black metal scrap however is different.

To melt black metal scrap down into a usable item, you will have to craft a Blast Furnace. The blast furnace can currently melt down two types of ore and process them into bars, the black metal scrap to create black metal and the flametal ore, which is processed into flametal. Unfortunately you cannot make anything with this fiery metal. Black metal is the best metal in the game.

using the blast furnace you can melt black metal in valheim
The blast furnace is needed to melt black metal scrap

To craft the blast furnace, the player will need to obtain the following items:

The thing that might surprise players here is the artisan table. The artisan table is unlocked once the player has defeated the 4th forsaken, Moder. Once Moder is defeated she will drop a unique crafting item called Dragon’s tears. This crafting material cannot be collected through any other means other than defeating Moder. Once you have created an artisan table and have all of the other ingredients you will be able to craft a blast furnace using the hammer tool.

Once the player has built the blast furnace they can process their black metal scrap. On the back side of the blast furnace there are two receptacles. In one input the player will put coal into the furnace to use as fuel. In the other side there are currently two types of metal that can be processed, Black metal scrap and flametal ore. With coal in one side and black metal scrap in the other the player can melt black metal scrap into usable Black metal.

input black metal scrap into the blast furnace to smelt it
The input for the black metal scrap

This black metal can then be used for a wide variety of different end-game tools and weapons. There is currently no set of black metal armor int he game. To craft the best set of armor, check this page here.

You can however, make some pretty strong weapons and a great shield using black metal. It is advised to use craft and upgrade black metal gear before attempting the last forsaken enemy, Yagluth. Once the player had a good supply of black metal, they will have essentially beaten all of the content currently in the game.

That was our guide on how to smelt black metal scrap. I hope this guide has helped you figure out what you need to do in order to melt down all of the black metal scrap that your clan has looted from the plains.

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