How to Feed Villagers in Necesse

The game Necesse has a unique feature which sets it apart from the survival exploration genre. This is the ability to build a Rimworld-esque settlement where villagers can be recruited. Here, you can build houses for your settlers and assign them tasks such as gathering wood or crafting.

Along with building a house for them and keeping them safe from threats, you will also need to feed your villagers something! If they don’t have anything to eat they will become unhappy and work very slowly.

a villager who has just eaten in Necesse

This guide will show you:

  • How to give your settlers food
  • How to automate food supply
  • How to store food automatically

How to Feed Your Settlers

First of all this may seem daunting having a lot of villagers and managing all of their food. Don’t worry, you won’t have to spend your whole game gathering food for them! They can fend for themselves as well. In fact, there are a few different ways that your villagers will be able to get their own food.

If you are in an emergency situation and want to just give your settlers some of the food from your inventory, you can simply place it in any chest where the villagers can locate it. They will automatically take items out of chests to consume. Unfortunately these will generally be raw items.

Automating a Food Supply

The best way to have your settlers feed themselves is by starting a farm. You can plant most seeds in a Farmland tile. Once you plant something, any settlers that are assigned to the Farming job will automatically harvest and replant crops. Every settler in the game apart from the Elder and Guards are able to farm. Press the C key to open the Settlement menu and select the Work Priorities tab. Make the farm job a high priority for at least on of the settlers to have them always harvesting crops. They will also collect berries from bushes!

Another way to have a great source of food is by recruiting special NPCs. There are some NPCs that are great for this. For example there is a fisherman NPC and also a Hunter. Hunters will scour your island, hunting down neutral animals and bringing home their meat. Anglers will fish in any body of water constantly.

getting an angler to help feed settlers in Necesse
Anglers will be an infinite source of edible fish for your settlement

You can set which storage boxes you want your settlers to store these meat and fish items in. By storing these next to a cooking station and creating some orders to cook food, you can automate food production for your entire settlement!

Setting Storage Locations and Automating Cooking Jobs

First of all, we are going to want to tell our settlers which items should be placed where. To do this, approach a storage box in your settlement. Open it up and select the icon at the top shaped like a little house. This will allow settlers to use this storage box as well.

Setting a box to be used to store food for settlers in Necesse
You can set storage boxes to be used by settlers

Once you have allowed this, you will be able to fine-tune which items you would like to be collected here. The easiest way to keep this a food box is by just selecting the whole group of Consumable. If you want to have a separate box for raw and finished foods, you can open up the drop-down menu and select exactly what you want stored where.

Now that we have set up a storage area for food, we can automate the cooking process at the cooking station.

Making Settlers Cook Automatically

Settlers can use any of the crafting stations that you have around. By default none of them will be allowed however. Approach your Roasting Station(or more advanced cooking station) and open it up. Now that you have this menu open select the little house icon just like with the storage box. Now instead of deciding which items will be stored you can choose which items should be crafted.

Automating cooking food in your settlement in Necesse
Setting up food recipes will allow your villagers to make sure you always have snacks to come home to after adventuring!

Now, select Add recipe and you will be able to set a task to be completed at this station. In the example above, I have 2 anglers in my settlement fishing constantly, so I will have roasted fish being constantly crafted to eat.

Once you have a crafting recipe in the list, you can change the amount of times it is being done by selecting the two arrows on the right side of the icon. You can also change other settings here such as which ingredients can be used to craft this. That way you can save any special types of fish from being roasted. Any villager assigned to the Crafting job will start to cook when it becomes their priority. It is a good idea to keep at least one villager a top priority chef.

A settler cooking food in Necesse
Once the job is set up at the roasting station, villagers will automatically take raw fish from the storage container and roast it on the fire

Your cook will then automatically place the cooked recipe in the storage box we created for food earlier. Other villagers will then take food from this box once they are feeling hungry!


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