How to Get a Sword in Valheim

Players of Valheim fear not. in this exceptional Viking survival you will be able to eventually craft your own sword and shield. At the beginning of the game you will see that there isn’t an option to craft a sword at all. Eventually in the game you will gain the ability to make a sword and start to raise your Swords skill level. This guide will show you how!

Humble Beginnings

At the start of your Valheim journey you will be running around the forest looking for wood, stone and flint and crafting your very first weapons and armor. There are only a few options for weapons at the start of your game. You can go with the wooden club, which is most player’s starting weapons or go with another weapon like a spear or flint knife. When you have beaten the first forsaken of the game, Eikthyr, you will be able to mine copper and tin to make bronze and unlock a vast amount of new weapons and items. This includes your very first sword!

Crafting Your First Sword – Bronze Sword

Once you’ve mined yourself a good amount of Copper and Tin from the Black Forest you will be able to not only craft yourself a forge to work with, but craft your very own sword! The first sword that you will be able to craft in Valheim is called the Bronze Sword. At this level, you will also be able to craft your first mace and polearm (atgier).

crafting the bronze sword at the forge
Materials needed to craft the bronze sword

To craft the bronze sword you will need 2 wood, 8 bronze and 2 leather scraps. The bronze sword is a relatively good starting weapon and will take our regular greylings with a couple of swings. All swords do slashing damage as you can see from their crafting information in the forge menu.

Swinging with all swords and colliding with an enemy or object will award the player with experience in the sword skill.

Every Sword in Valheim

In Valheim there are a total of 6 swords in the game but only 4 of them are currently able to be crafted. These 4 swords are all crafted at the forge at different stages of the game all using different metals. The best sword that can be crafted is called the Black Metal Sword.

The Bronze Sword

the copper sword shining in the sun in Valheim

The bronze sword is the first sword available to craft in Valheim. It is the weakest of all the swords in the game.

The Iron Sword

the iron sword in-game model in valheim

The next sword in the game is the Iron Sword. Made from iron, this sword will be available once you have defeated the second forsaken, The Elder and collected some iron.

The Silver Sword

the silver witcher sword in valheim

The 3rd sword in the game. This one is going to be available to you once you have ventured up into the mountains after the 3rd forsaken, Bonemass. It does extra damage against undead enemies such as skeletons and Draugr.

The Blackmetal Sword

the black metal sword in valheim with the challenge emote

Crafted by obtaining and processing BlackMetal from the plains, the Blackmetal sword is currently the best and strongest sword in Valheim. If you are using a sword as your main weapon, this is your end-game goal currently in Valheim’s early access.

Swords From Console Commands

There are 2 different swords that can be obtained by the use of cheats via console commands. One of these swords is going to be implemented in the game some time in the future, the other is simply a cheat sword for dealing high damage.

Dyrnwyn – The Flaming Sword

the flaming fire sword in Valheim from flametal ore crafting

Dyrnwyn is unavailable in the current version of Valheim’s early access. The sword glows with fire and can actually be used as a light source. The sword does slash and fire damage. Although it cannot be crafted at this point in time, the player can collect a resource known as Flametal from the Ashlands. Is is thought to be used in the process of crafting Dyrnwyn.

How to Get the Fire Sword in Valheim

The only way to get the sword is through cheating. To get this sword first open up the command window using F5. Input the command ‘imacheater’ to enable the cheat menu. Now type in the command to spawn this sword: “spawn SwordIronFire” without quotation marks.

This command is case-sensitive.

The Cheat Sword

The rainbow cheating sword in Valheim for admins and cheaters

The cheat sword is a tool for admins and developers wanting to deal high damage with a swing in Valheim. It glows many different colors while the player has is equipped. The sword deals a whopping 10,000 base slash damage on hit and imparis the movement speed of it’s user by 5% when equipped.

How to Get the Cheat Sword

To unlock the cheat sword in Valheim open u[ the console and enable cheats using the directions above for the fire sword. Once you have enable the cheats you will have to type in the spawn command for this item:

“spawn SwordCheat”

The command is case-sensitive and you will need the spaces. Press enter and a cheat sword will be spawned.

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