How to get Copper in Necesse

In Necesse you will find yourself going out for supplies basically the whole time you play. Everything you craft or build is made from materials that you have to go out into the world to collect.

Copper is just one type of metal that is used for crafting in the game. This metal resource is used to build not only tools and furniture but also weapons as well. This guide will show you how to get copper in Necesse and how to make it into bars so you can craft with it.

How to Get Copper in Necesse

Before you can start getting copper, there are a few things that you are going to need first. First of all, copper is located underground. That being said, you will have to build yourself a ladder so you can get beneath the surface of Necesse. The Ladder Down can be crafted from the player’s inventory by using 10 logs.

Using the ladder down item to go into the mines to find copper in Necesse
You will need to ladder down below the surface to find copper

The Ladder Down can be placed down anywhere on the surface layer of an island to get down into the save system. Place this down anywhere in your settlement and you can start mining!

Next, you’re going to need a tool in order to mine the copper out of the rock. As copper is found in ore form inside caves, you will need to extract it by breaking the rock down. To do this, you are going to need a pickaxe tool. As you don’t have any copper yet, the only type available to you will be the wooden pickaxe. At the start of the game you should have received one for free, otherwise you will have to craft a new one.

Crafting a Pickaxe

To craft yourself a wooden pickaxe, you will first have to create a Workstation. The workstation functions as a place where you can craft many different items. First, craft a workstation by using 10 logs, then place it down.

Interact with the Workstation by using the right-mouse button and find the Wood Pickaxe item. it should be somewhere near the top. By using 8 wooden log you can craft one for yourself!

Crafting a wood pickaxe in Necesse so that we can go mine from copper ore
The Wood pickaxe is the lowest tier of pickaxe in Necesse

Now that you have a ladder down and a pickaxe you are ready to go and find some sweet copper to start upgrading to armor and metal weapons!

Where to Find Copper – Exploring Caves

Place the ladder down on the ground and head down by using the right-mouse button on the ladder. After a brief loading screen you will be sent to the next layer down. This is where you will find that sweet copper! Look around in the mines for some copper ore. You can see what you’re looking for in the image below.

Mining some copper ore in a dungeon in Necesse
As you get better quality pickaxes, mining will become faster

Once you have found a copper node like this, equip your pickaxe and start swinging. It will take a few hits to break down a copper rock with a wooden pickaxe so stay at it. Once you break down the copper rocks you will get some copper ore for your troubles. Once you have this, it is time to turn it into copper bars so you can craft with it.

Crafting Copper Bars from Copper Ore

It’s time to melt down that ore and get some usable bars! Because copper tools and armor are all made from bars, there is no reason that you should keep the copper in ore form. There is literally no crafting recipe that includes ore other than bars. Bring all that copper ore back up to the surface as we will be making a forge to craft bars in.

Copper bar icon in Necesse

Crafting and Using the Forge

You can’t just smash these ores into a copper bar. For this, you are going to need the forge. You can create a forge by interacting with the Workstation. The forge is crafted by using 20 stone. If you’ve been down below mining copper, you’ve probably picked up a bunch of stone already without realizing it. Right-click the Workstation and find the Forge item.

Creating a forge item in Necesse
Forges need to be supplies with wood as fuel to operate

Once you have crafted yourself a forge, go ahead and place it down somewhere in your village/house. You can not start using it to craft copper bars! The things with the forge it, you will also need a fuel source to keep it hot. Open up the forge menu by pressing the Right-mouse button on it when close.

Crafting copper bars at the forge in Necesse
Crafting bars from copper is the only thing you can do with ore

How to Craft Copper Bars in Necesse

Now that we have the forge crafting menu open, we can craft some copper bars here! To begin with, place some wood on the Fuel slots on the left-hand side of this menu. Don’t worry, you won’t need a lot of fuel. Now that there is fuel in the forge, simply select the ore that you want to create. The copper ore is the orange-looking item in the top there.

You can make single bars by using the left mouse button or you can make as many as you possibly can with your current inventory by holding SHIFT and pressing the Left-mouse button. This will save a lot of time (and finger strength!)

Crafting With Copper Bars

Now that you have yourself a good supply of copper bars, it’s time to put them to use! Copper has a pretty wide functionality in Necesse. It can be used for armor, tools, weapons and even some furniture items. Another important thing to note about copper is, while it may be the first tier of metals that you can craft, you will need copper in order to make another type of metal called a Demonic Bar.

Some copper armor and legs on a armor stand in Necesse
Copper can be used to create low-tier armor and weapons

In that case, you will probably want to hold on to all that excess copper you collect. Copper is also primarily used for creating wire for electrical devices. You can automate some things and create switches that control different inputs in Necesse.

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