How to Make Storage/Stockpiles in Going Medieval

In Going Medieval you are going to have to manage an entire colony. This includes not only your settlers, but a large amount of materials as well. There are many different types of materials. Some of these will need to be stored under specific conditions. But how do you make stockpiles for different items? Read on!

What is a Stockpile in Going Medieval?

A stockpile is an area that you define in the game. In this area, your settlers will place certain objects and materials. You can decide what types of items will be stored in each of these areas. For example, if you want to store books in a library room, you can make a stockpile and only allow book items to be stored there. Another great example is food items. At the butcher table, animal corpses are cut up for raw meat. If you decide to create a stockpile near the butcher table this will help the cook. By creating a place settlers will bring the animals, you will save the cook running across the colony to get them.

Creating a stockpile near a butcher table in Going Medieval
A small place for hunters to bring animals will help your cook immensely

How to Store Food and Other Items

There is no perfect way to store anything in Going Medieval. AS there is no cooling system at the moment, you cannot make a fridge or freezer. If you with to make food that preserves well, you’ll just have to research food preservation. You should in general, just try to keep every material storage close to the production facility where it is used. Keep fabrics neat the tailoring bench and metals near the smithy. There is no real benefit apart from efficiency here.

How to Create a Stockpile/Storage Area

First we will navigate to the Zones area. In order to create a zone, click the corresponding icon on the bottom right. This is the icon that looks like two rhombuses on the right hand side. You can also press the F7 key to open the zones building menu. As with all buildings you will have to manually delegate an area. Select the option default stockpile. If there is another stockpile there select it. This can be changed later. Once you have selected the stockpile you can see you have three variants; Default, dumping and warfare stockpiles. It doesn’t really matter which one you pick. These are just presets for the items that are allowed within them.

Creating a warfare stockpile in Going Medieval
The warfare stockpile is for weapons and armors by default

It doesn’t matter which you pick because all of them area fully customization. Even if you pick the warfare stock pile you can still choose to only store berries here. You can leave the default settings but it is better to fully customize your stockpiles. Now that you have selected one, left-click and drag where you want to store items. As you can see in the image below, I am creating a stockpile area out of a spare room.

Creating a default stockpile in Going Medieval
You can edit the settings of any type of stockpile

This stockpile was created with the default variant. In the next section I’ll show you how to customize your stockpile and choose whatever you want to store there.

How to Customize/Choose Stockpile Items

Now that we know how to place a stockpile down, let’s decide what to put there! With the default stockpile, your settlers will bring just about everything here. We want to change that. In order to customize what is brought and stored here, select the stockpile. A menu will appear showing the stockpile’s name and some settings. Here, we can decide what we want in the stockpile. This area is going to be my weapons and shields room so I will only select those options.

Changing the settings of the stockpile in Going Medieval
I only want weapons and shields to be stored in this room

You can also decide on the quality of the items you want stored here. For example if you don’t want any flimsy quality items stored here you can also define that from this menu. Drag the quality slider until it fits into what you want stored here. This is a great way of making sure your settlers don’t keep rotten foof in your kitchen. Another great thing is making sure that your settlers aren’t bringing in flimsy old weapons and armors off of fallen enemies.


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