Is Valheim Fun Solo?

The player will find themselves fighting multiple smaller beasts and strong opponent apart from the main boss battles in the game. This post will tell the reader a little about the game from a solo player’s perspective and try to help you decide if you will have fun playing the game solo or whether you will be able to beat it.

Is Unarmed Viable in Valheim?

There is only one way to level up the unarmed skill in Valheim. You could have guessed that you level it up by hitting things whilst unarmed. Unequip any weapon you are using and use your fists to beat down your foes.

How to Get the Fire Sword Dyrnwyn in Valheim

The sword is a very strong item and although it cannot be currently crafted in Valheim it is assumed that Flametal bars will be used in the crafting of this item. The item can be repaired at a level 2 forge so it is assumed it is crafted at the forge although this may change at a later date in the game’s development.

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20 Must-Know Tips and Tricks For Valheim

Cutting down trees is probably going to be one of the first things you do in Valheim. You will need wood for just about everything including crafting weapons, boats and of course building yourself a nice shelter to stay out of the rain. One mechanic players are having a lot of fun with it the fact that falling trees can and will do damage. When you cut down a tree in the game it will fall. Falling trees can kill.

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Farming Sim Game Coral Island Smashed Crowdfunding Goal in 2 Days!

“Pufferfish Drilling Corp. has nefarious plans for Coral Island. More than ever, the coral reef
restoration project, along with the environment, is at risk. Having purchased the only plot of land
left on the island, you start a new life. Tend to your farm, explore the island, and get to know the
islanders. You’ll decide whether to help them revitalize the town or not.”

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How to Get Metal in Valheim

At some point during your Viking journey in this fantastic early access survival game of Valheim you might get tired of running around with sticks and stone. After all, Vikings were one of the first people to smith and use metals. So how do you get metal in Valheim? Read on to find out how you can get the different types of metal in Valheim and how you can make metal tools and weapons.

How to Craft and Equip Armor in Valheim

Once you have smacked down a few trees in Valheim you will be able to craft yourself a Hammer. You can build things with the hammer such as structures and other items by combining materials. One of the things you will have to make before building any structure though is the workbench. As long as the workbench is in a relatively covered up area with a roof over it you will be able to use the workbench to create weapons and armor.

3 Powerful Weapons in Valheim and How to Get Them

Today we are counting down 3 of the most interesting weapons you can find in Valheim and exactly how you can craft them. This list won’t be about finding the most powerful weapons in Valheim but just about 3 cool unique weapons that are a part of the game. We will talk about 3 weapons all from different weapon types, one blunt hammer, one spear and one interesting bow. This will be a guide on everything you will need to craft these weapons and where to find them.

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The 5 Best Star Wars Mods for Rimworld

Just about every aspect of Rimworld has and can be modded. There are mods that add new systems, UI changes, completely overhaul the game and add new races. Today we are counting down 5 Star Wars related mod for your next playthrough. This will include everything from race mods, to apparel and much more. The list is in no particular order and is completely created from personal taste.

The Game Awards 2020 -Winners

There are such a large amount of categories that games can win in the Game Awards. We have a complete list of each category with their respective winner, as well as the runners up. Without further ado, lets crack on with the list of the winners for the Game Awards 2020.