How to feed animals – Rimworld Help

To feed animals in Rimworld you must simply have a food in the allowed area of the specific animal. You must also make sure that the food is a part of that creatures diet. For example some animals, like the Muffalo are herbivores. They along with a few others like the cow and horse will graze upon any grass available to them in their allowed area. Herbivores will eat Haygrass, berries and other vegetarian crops

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EdB Prepare Carefully – Mod Spotlight

Mod Spotlight is a series where I dive into mods from different video games and talk about some of the great features they bring to the game. Rimworld is one of my most played Steam games of all time so it is only natural that you’ll see a lot of Rimworld mods being talked about … Read more

Paper mario master quest mod

Paper Mario Master Quest

Master Quest is a mod made for the original Paper Mario on Nintendo 64. The mod adds a bunch of new content into the original Paper Mario game including a whole bunch of new levels. The game also reimagines a bunch of the boss fights too and overall Master Quest makes Paper Mario much much more difficult.

Compacted machinery is a cource of components in Rimworld

Rimworld Peace Talks – Event Guide

When this event appears on your notification bar in game there is not need to worry about getting anything done quickly. Peace Talks can only be triggered by another faction that is hostile towards you. The gist of it is, that the faction wants to make peace with your tribe and come to an agreement to get on better terms with one-another.

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The Outer Worlds Review

The Outer Worlds is a story-driven RPG game from video game greats Obsidian Entertainment. The game released with a decent reception scoring an 8.5/10 on IGN, an 85% on Metacritic and a positive review rate of 86% on Steam at the time of this articles publication. Many of the reviews praised the games soundtrack and design in general. Most mentioning the fantastic performance of the voice actors of the game. Obsidian has released….

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The Project Zomboid Helicopter Event – Survival Guide

The Helicopter event in Project Zomboid is an event that generally happens at a fixed point during your game. To see at what point it ‘can’ start you will have to change your settings at the start of the game. The heading in the settings for the helicopter in-game event should be under ‘Metagame’ settings column. The helicop…

Riverside area from the Project Zomboid Map Build 41

Project Zomboid Map – Build 41

Project Zomboid is a hardcore survival RPG game. You will have to loot, survive the elements, fix cars, eat and drink in this survival simulation of the Zombie Apocalypse. The Project Zomboid Map is one of the greatest things about the game. The game is currently not in a fully released state but the map in Build 41 is very large and has plenty to see and do. One thing players can find confusing is navigating the map and trying to find good areas to loot and in general get around. The game is still being developed and updated quite frequently with new updates…

Item Description for Neutroamine Rimworld

Rimworld Neutroamine – How to get it

The third and best way of obtaining Neutroamine in Rimworld is by trading with your neighbors. Be aware that trading with tribal factions will probably not net you very good results. The greater the faction tech level, the more item varieties they are going to have.

Rimworld components information sheet

How to Get Components in Rimworld

What are Rimworld components? Where can I find them? This detailed guide will tell you all you need to know about finding components

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The best Steam games to play with your girlfriend

We’ve all gone through it. As someone who plays a great deal of games we all want to share that passion and fun with that someone special in our life. Playing games can strengthen bonds, providing you something to work together and achieve without having too much pressure involved. Games are a great way to blow off steam (pun intended), after a hard day of work. As someone who has been gaming myself for around 20 years I always look for opportunities to share my passion and interests with my partner. It isn’t as though she hasn’t played a game before me, or doesn’t know what a PlayStation is, but i wouldn’t say that my partner falls into the category of ‘gamer’…..